Monday, June 12, 2023

Ducking Autocucumber

Predictive text on my various iThingies is really quite good at analyzing my frequently-used phrases. 

For instance, on Facebook I can type "Still waiting on that eyeroll react, Zuck" entirely using predictive text just by typing "Sti".

On the other hand, while I have never in my life typed "ducking shirt" intentionally, autocorrect would have me doing it twice a day if not manually overridden.

Supposedly, though, the latest updates to Autocucumber are going to fix that.
"In 2014, Naomi Campbell congratulated “malaria” on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. (She might have meant “Malala.”) According to Wired, employees at Goldman Sachs were upset that Microsoft Word corrected their company’s name to incorporate a profanity. The phrase “autocorrect made me do it” has become a way of explaining away embarrassing substitutions such as “sex” instead of “sec.”

Jillian Madison, who curated a website of autocorrect blunders, released the book “Damn You, Autocorrect!” in 2011. “If you say, you know, ‘I’m going to run and pick up the kids,’ it often turns into, ‘I’m going to run and pick up the LSD,’” she told NPR.