Friday, June 30, 2023


I swear I had at least a dozen Wilson 47D magazines at one time, and now I can lay hands on precisely two...the one in my Pro and the one in my CCA custom gun...and the rest have gone air soluble.

I have no idea where they are. I've looked in the Rubbermaid tub of 1911 crap in the attic, and it's got plenty of old Para Ord factory mags, Metalforms of uncertain provenance with no bumper pads that won't work in the Pro, a few 10-round 'stendos of assorted manufacture (some quite dubious), a dozen or so 9mm mags, and even a CMC Power Mag loaded with...of all things...Cor-Bon Pow-R-Ball...but not a 47D in sight.


It's not that big of a deal since I hardly ever shoot the old .45AARP guns anymore, but still... Dammit.

At least I found my copy of In the Gravest Extreme that I was looking for the other day. It was under the tub of 1911 stuff.