Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bikes: Ten feet tall and bulletproof.

Seventy-something balmy degrees today. Rode the Zephyr to work. Parking the old Zeph next to Soap's shiny new Triumph Speed Triple gave me the urge to give my Kawi the full ratbike treatment: Flat black Krylon everywhere, and white header paint on the downpipes.

I took the long way home.

First relaxation-type riding in over a month, and the exhilarating feeling lasts even after I get off the bike and pull off my helmet so there's room for the "w00t!" word-balloon to form in the air over my head.

That's why I ride. It always leaves me feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof.


phlegmfatale said...

You know what I love about you, Tam? You look at every day as an opportunity to savor the richness of life - you're one of the most kick-ass women I've ever heard of. Wallow in it, darling. Wallow.

By the way, after you turned me on to it, I HAD to order that little yellow Leatherman Juice, and it arrived yesterday. Adorable and lightweight, it's perfect for all pocketbook sizes. I love the saw feature. You never know when you may get stuck under a boulder at Neiman-Marcus and need to saw your own arm off to get out. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Bourbon does the same for me ;)


Tam said...

"You never know when you may get stuck under a boulder at Neiman-Marcus and need to saw your own arm off to get out. Woo hoo!"

That's why I love cool gear.

I may never need my Lowe Alpine leggings to scale the jagged ice cliffs of Tennessee, but if I do, I'm ready. :D

DirtCrashr said...

My XR650L did that - and it was nearly 10-feet tall from the saddle, look right into the eye of a Jeep driver then go over something they couldn't - like a lawn, or the Hyde Street sidewalk setps. ;-)

Dan said...

Nothing like a ride on the bike to clear your head.

It's kind of wierd, you're at total concentration of the task at hand (riding and not killing yourself) and yet when you pull the helmet off back at home you've never been more relaxed.

But Tam, please, please don't do the Rat bike theme.

Take the bike to the range. Now there's total relaxation. Riding, shooting and riding again! My Honda ST1100 and Glocks, a perfect combination. ;^)


phlegmfatale said...

You've GOT to take your bike down Highway 7 in Arkansas - I had scooter envy all day the last 2 days - breathtaking!