Monday, April 10, 2006

The second sexiest pistol Beretta's ever made...

...after the 93R is the 92 Compact Type M. Marko recently picked up a primo "slickslide" example from the shop, and reviewed it here.


pdb said...

I've always thought the 9mm single stack S&Ws had similar virtues. A 3913 is on my 'grab it if I find it' shortlist.

But a DAO Beretta has a 'smooth' trigger? Damn, that guy must have a memorable handshake.

Les Jones said...

Ooh boy. There was a time around junior high when I thought the 93R was the coolest gun on Earth. G&A had featured it, then it showed up in one of the Mack Bolan/Executioner books.

There's a Gene Hackman movie where someone's shooting one. The technique was interesting. They held the gun out and grasped the stock with the offhand, using it like a rear pistol grip.