Saturday, April 15, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame...

So, on my day off I swung past the shop and stuck my head in the gunsmithing department to make sure Bob and I were still on for the ballgame that night.

Bob: "I'm going to be at your house at six. You're driving, right?"

Me: "Yup."

Bob: "And you'll be ready to go. At six. None of this waiting around for the woman to get ready stuff?"

Me: "Bob, it's a minor league baseball game, not a formal dance. I'd say I'm pretty much ready now."

Bob: "You could wear a sundress."

Me: "I don't own a sundress."

Shannon: "There's time before the game; I could loan you some money."

Me: "You're not helping. Whose side are you on, anyway?"

We slogged through Friday evening K-town traffic from Farragut to Sevierville to watch the Smokies, currently sucking pondwater in the cellar of their division, play the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. (What the hell is a Diamond Jaxx?) Not having ever been to a minor league game, or indeed any ballgame since leaving ATL, I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, you don't just show up at Turner field at game time and get two seats three rows behind first base... The crowd was having a good time, there were all the goofy little fan treats between innings that make minor league ball so endearing, like kids playing musical chairs or a couple of fans in sumo suits. There was also what is apparently the Smokies ballpark's especial de la maison, BBQ Nachos, which are like your basic movie theater/convenience store nachos, except slathered with BBQ pulled pork. You can't get that at Yankee Stadium. (Actually, being a American League venue, you can't get any baseball at Yankee Stadium, either, what with all the designated hitters running around...) Best of all, there was a spectacular four run rally in the bottom of the ninth that had us cheering ourselves hoarse. Unfortunately, it culminated in a bases loaded, two out scenario that the batter completely mishandled. If I'd been at the plate, I'd have just leaned out in front of one of those curve balls and woke up as a hero, but no, he actually tried to hit one... And failed. And so we got two innings of free baseball, but the home team wound up losing. Ah well, it's a long season.

And I'll have to go back to watch more of it. :)


Heartless Libertarian said...

If you've got a team in your area, put minor league hockey games on your To Do list for next fall.

Unrelated minor funny. The captcha below said 'ynotnd'

Two possible reasons 'ynot'

1-Because an ND can hurt someone

2-because North Dakota is damn cold.

B&N said...

Bah, another National League adherent running their mouth about, sullying the image of the much beloved DH.

I like it. Of course, I grew up in an AL team town, go figure. It keeps those below the Mendoza Line (that would be every pitcher I've ever seen hit, if you care to call it that) on the bench, where they belong.

Hard to reconcile this with the fact that I simply hate the direction the game has taken, what with all the "vintage" park design, small yards, and more "suites" for the VIP's to hob-knob and do business deals in. I simply prefer a roots oriented game, but I'll keep my DH, thankyouverymuch.