Friday, April 28, 2006

Blog Stuff: Some Meme-ishness...

From Ride Fast & Shoot Straight, the bike list meme:

1981 Kawasaki GPz550. The bike I taught myself to ride on.
1985 Honda VF700F Interceptor. Colored my bike expectations for years; I rode the wheels off this one.
1983 Honda VF750C Magna. Still not sure why I bought a power cruiser. Fun, though.
1981 Kawasaki GPz550. Another one. What fun these paleosportbikes are.
1995 Suzuki RF600R. My everyday traffic tool for years in the Atlanta grind.
2000 Suzuki TL1000S. A ton of fun with room enough to slip the leash. A headache on tight roads.
1998(?) Kawasaki EX250 Ninja. Happyhappyfunbike. You can't have more fun with your clothes on.
1984 Honda VF1000F. Lardassio. (But big, noisy fun in the absence of any curves.)
1990 Kawasaki ZR550 Zephyr. Imagine a time machine ride to 1989, an '81 GPz550, and a bushell basket full of cash...
(Next Up: A 1990 Honda CB-1...)

From The Countertop Chronicles, two memes:

First Concert:

Six Flags Over Georgia, 1985, John Parr opening for Blue Oyster Cult. How very Eighties is that?

Last Concert:

Knoxville Civic Coliseum, 8/22/06, (EDIT: Whoops! 8/22/02...) The BB King Blues Festival, w/ The Fabulous Thunderbirds, George Thorogood, and (of course) BB King. (No, my memory for dates isn't that good; the ticket stub is still lying on my desk next to my computer almost four years later. I'm a packrat.)

They're memes, folks; take 'em and run with 'em as you will. :)


Blackwing1 said...

First concert:
Jethro Tull, 1971, at the Metropolitan Hockey Arena (Minneapolis, MN)

Last concert:
Jethro Tull, 2006, at the State Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

I think I see a pattern here.

Anonymous said...

BOC: one of my favorites; love their first album especially.
BB King: Blues! My favorite kinda music. Going to Memphis Music Fest in a coupla weeks; BB's gonna be there, also Gov't Mule (seen 'em open for Uncle Nuge in Birmingham, want more!) and lotsa other good stuff. May 5-6-7


BobG said...

First concert, Doors 196?.
Last concert, George Thoroughgood and The Destroyers, 2003.

Anonymous said...

My first concert was Kiss way back in '74! I was 14. (Municipal
Auditorium, Nashville)

Last was Alabama (Starwood).


Cowboy Blob said...

First Concert: 1980, Oakland Stadium "Day on the Green:" Sammy Hagar, Blue Oyster Cult, Triumph.

Last Concert (same one).

Tennessee Budd said...

At least you've owned Hondas before.
I love my '82 CB900F.

Larry said...

First concert: Ted Nugent, 1981 at the Memphis Coliseum (Blacksnake opened)

Last concert: ZZ Top, 1986, Memphis Coliseum.

Or if a couple hundred people in a 1930s-era Montana high-school auditorium counts as a full-scale concert, George Winston in 1996.

Best concert I ever had tickets for but missed: BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughn in New Orleans in 1988, missed because the pinheads running the training wing at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS discovered that very few students were going to voluntarily attend their precious Field Day, so they made it mandatory and cancelled everyone's weekend pass. Dickheads.

Heartless Libertarian said...

Do you ride anything not made in Japan?

Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Harley, Indian?

phlegmfatale said...

hmm, bikes, had a scwhinn with a white banana seat with blue flowers. I'd love to do the motorcycle thing, but I'm sorta a sidecar type, I suspect.

first concert: Talk Talk and Psychedelic Furs at Bronco Bowl Dallas in 1984

Last concert - Neko Case, Granada Theater Dallas 4/17/2006

sympathies to Larry for missing that SRV show - pity.

Countertop said...

Saw the Fab Thunderbirds at the Worlds Fair Park along with Buddy Guy in the early 90s. Awesome show.

Countertop (still morning the demise of Ella Gurus)

Anonymous said...

Last Concert
Knoxville Civic Coliseum, 8/22/06...

So, you're back from the future?


Tam said...


That should read 8/22/02.

And yes, the future is a wonderful place. ;)