Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shhhh! Don't tell everybody!

The typical "Oh my God, the chicks are packing heat!" article usually goes on at length about "empowerment" and "self-protection" and other deep reasons that women get involved with shooting. Rarely does one mention the "F-word".

You know...


Somebody forgot to tell Connie Cartmell at the Marietta Times that she was supposed to keep her tone somber and convey a sense of disapproval. Instead, she sounds like she had a good time researching the piece...

For more and more American women like Ash, knowing how to handle and properly use a firearm offers empowerment, self-confidence, security, and fun.

"I love it all, just so long as it goes bang," Ash said of her guns.

Women and guns — it's a growing trend not likely to slow anytime soon.

"Actually, it's very empowering to know how to handle a firearm safely," Ash said. "Your confidence level soars and it's loads of fun."

That's right, kids: It's big dirty fun. But don't tell everybody, or they'll all want to try...

(H/T to Zendo Deb.)

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Masked Menace© said...

But wait, I thought it was only those heartless stick-in-the-mud rethughlicans that wanted to ban fun?