Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boomsticks: I hadn't seen this yet...

...but here's a chronology of the President's Day Massacree, including details of how we all got our marching orders from the NRA.

Poor Lefties; they've been playing on astroturf so long that they don't know grassroots even when fed a mouthful of divot.


Steve Skubinna said...

I can no longer understand the left. In the seventies and eighties and most of the nineties I thought they were people who really meant well but had just bought into some really bad ideas. Basically honest people who made a wrong turn, is all.

But today's leftists are something different. They have no regard for truth - as I type, it seems a cliche, yet there is a total moral and ethical void there. They lie about everything, from stupid meaningless things to massive, horrible things. They openly wish injury and death to their opponents, and in some cases they screw their courage to the sticking place and try to carry it out.

Their behavior is deranged. There is no way to describe it as rational. They've descended into some kind of paranoid schizophrenic universe where everything is twisted and shrill and insane. As such, they cannot imagine that anyone disagreeing with them is an honest person - they can't even grant their opponents the status of person.

And they will be voting in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Someone else piles on


I am starting to see an alarming pattern of gun owners that simply do not know when to shut up

Kevin said...

I swear to jeebus I'm going to do a book of "The Collected Quotes of Tamara K."

May I suggest, since we all know better than the overwhelming majority of the great ignorant masses that "hunting prairie dogs with an assault rifle" does not mean "mowing them down with a machine-gun," that if a web page spouting this kind of idiocy allows comments - by all means, COMMENT. Do so politely, but explain to them how they've been deceived by the anti-gun groups and their enablers in the media.