Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boomsticks: Gratuitous Gun Pr0n No. 39

Some long-overdue AR pr0n:

Superior Arms lower, DPMS 6.8 SPC AP4 upper, Vltor CASV-EL rail system, Magpul M93B stock, Leupold CQ/T optic on ARMS throw-lever mount, Ergo grip, GG&G vertical foregrip, PentagonLight MX-2 xenon light, Specter CQB single-point sling, and a partridge in a pear tree.

(Oh, and I made this. :) )


angus lincoln said...

Congratulations Tam, she's a beauty! You should be proud of that!When can we see a range report?

Heartless Libertarian said...

Nice. Needs BUIS to go with the cartridge in a bare tree, but very nice. Looks like Tam already spent her tax refund. Not sure if mine will even cover the optic.

Two questions about the VLTOR rail thing:

1. It free floats, right?

2. Is it available in mid-length, or just carbine?

B&N said...

Thanks for the belated prOn, Tam.

You never disappoint.

pdb said...

A couple queries:

Is that 'AUTO' engraving just for show?

Whose 6.8 mags are you using?

I like how that handguard thingey isn't a total rail farm, but it seems to put the scope very high. How's that work out?

Anonymous said...

Nice!,Where is my tax refund?.

Anonymous said...

Yup, everything but the kitchen sink hangin there. Truly ugly gunporn.

Seamus said...

Very nice, and a wonderful job, Tam!

That came out very well, I must say.g

Kristopher said...

Not bad ... but there is room for more stuff.


Cowboy Blob said...

Yowsa! Ya had to show me up, didn't you?


TD said...

According to Dean Speir, you are now a certified mall ninja, so strut like a peacock.

Gewehr98 said...

Yup. Ladies and gentlemen, that there be a certified "Rooney Gun".

Joe said...

Cackle all you want to about mall-ninjas and other " tacticool " comments but that there is the minimum that you want to be for a carbine/mid-length. Never looked that the optic myself but if that was my rifle it would have my EOTech sight and the flashlight would be the same Surefire that RRA gave for their DEA carbines. Lastly it would have my ARMS 40A BUIS on the back but would be looking for a Troy Ind. or another ARMS, this time the 40L.

You have a nice rifle there, Tam. I'm working on the 6.8 SPC upper when they ( RRA ) become available. Rail purchase will be next after the upper.

Joe R.

shooter said...

My new 6.8 looks real nice, Tam. Thanks for building it. When are you gonna build yours?

Seriously, I'm working real chub just drooling over the pics. Give a range report real soon, ya hear?

T.Stahl said...

Tam, I'm jealous.

All I got is a light-grey SL8. :-(

Anonymous said...

But how do you get a good cheek weld with the Optics so high?

Who thought the whole idea of removing the handle was to get the sights down?

Ulises from CA said...

Some of our Boys in Uniform might want to have one of their very own.

Come to think of it, I want one of my very own!

Good work, Tam!

Alex said...

That looks good!

I also wondered about the "auto" mark and the cheek weld. Perhaps a trip to the range with Oleg is called for to demonstrate the proper use of this magnificent tool?

R said...

Durn, I'm jealous. It is a beaut.

alpineman said...

Awwww ... now I've gone and messed my pants!

Seriously, though, despite how hot the rifle looks - to echo an earlier comment - isn't the optic a bit high? Is that personal preference?

Anonymous said...

Does it have a sister?