Friday, February 23, 2007

As the old toast goes...

Confusion to our foes! :)


3yellowdogs said...

I'ts like the Iran/Iraq war without all the messy nerve gas. It can't go on too long or cost enough casualties on both sides.

Flame on!

B&N said...

Saturn, gobbling up his children.

Life imitating art.

Tam said...

It's like the Eastern Front in WWII:

Whether Nazis kill Commies or Commies kill Nazis, the good guys win! :)

DAL357 said...

I don't know about you all, but this spat is making me cry...with laughter!

Don't worry, they'll patch things up and come to some type of agreement on how to screw us all faster, harder, and deeper. This is basically a disagreement on the method and orifice to use first. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was staged just to make it seem like they are deep thinkers and really wrangling with the issues.

B&N said...


You're right, I think, about the 'deep thinking' part, as most of the sheeple don't have the mental capacity to differentiate between what is, and what isn't important. They allow themselves to be told what those things are, i.e. 'universal healthcare'.


BobG said...

The Republican party has a prime opportunity here; they could run a decent candidate and have a good chance of winning. So why the hell can't they come up with someone better than Giuliani and McCain? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

Tam said...

We're likely to wind up with a lamer candidate selection than any since '76.

Really, though, would the world come to an end if None Of The Above were to serve out a four year term? ;)

B&N said...
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B&N said...

bobg, Tam,

I've been saying it for at least a couple of years now, if the Elephant wants to keep the White House in '08, they need to put an empty suit up for POTUS, and stick Condi in the Veep spot.

Lotsa folks would RUN to voting booth for that ticket, I think. Any other takers?

Ulises from CA said...

Condi for Prez!

1. She's got brains & no hubbie.

2. She's African American.

3. She's a WOMAN!

4. She's Republican.

She ain't Hillary/Obama or Guiliani/McCain!

Imagine San Francisco imploding on this ticket! Marshmallows on me, y'all.


rickn8or said...


I agree, this Hillary/Obama thing is a put-on to shake the money tree and get their faces in the (all too-accomdating) media.

Come '08, Hillary wins the nomination, picks Obama as Veep, they kiss and make up (shudder!) and combine all that luvvly cash for the campaign.

Don't get cute thinking Obama gets the top spot; Evil-on-the-Hoof plays second fiddle to no one. Besides, how would YOU like to be Prez with Hillary as Veep??

B&N said...


I don't know, ask Bill, maybe?

Steve Skubinna said...

To me, the most hysterically funny part is that Hillary's beef is with Geffen, so she charges at... Obama? I was thinking her temper and shrill intolerance of dissent would eventually force her into a stupid open mouth, insert foot moment, but just not this soon and not so completely misdirected.

Maybe she meant to blame Geffen's remarks on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Perhaps instead of Obama, she meant to snark about cookies and tea parties. Maybe she was really aiming at Tammy Wynette.

rickn8or said...

b & n and the rest of ya--

No, what I was referring to was that the extreme state of nervousness and paranoia that would result from being the Prez when Hillary was Veep.

I mean, how many times can you turn down her home-baked Bitter Almond Crunch cookies??