Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Barmy Prince Charlie

That noted fan of quackery and superstition, son of the world's richest welfare recipient and future sovereign of the British Isles, took time out from his glad-handing tour of the Middle East to state that he thought McDonald's should be banned, since doing so was the key to everyone eating healthier.

We are not amused.


pdb said...

I humbly suggest that any unelected representative of the culture that has given us black pudding, haggis, jellied eels, bubble and squeak, toad in the hole, and otherwise good meat boiled until the flavor is scared away, should STFU and stay the hell in his lane when it comes to cuisine.

BobG said...

Which just goes to show that the royal families are getting too inbred.

Yosemite Sam said...

This Prince Charles needs to be reminded of the fate of his namesake

Malcolm said...

And just what is wrong with Haggis, Great Chieftain o' the Pudding Race ?
Fair enough, jellied eels are evil muck, but to mention black pudding, bubble and squeak and toad in the hole as bad food is not on ! Prince Looneytunes may well be a fruitcake that looks down his aristocratic nose at burgers, but don't criticise that food because it comes from the same country as the Prince of Fruit !

pdb said...

And just what is wrong with Haggis, Great Chieftain o' the Pudding Race ?

Hell-O! It's BOILED SHEEP STOMACH. Boiled sheep stomach that's filled with parts of the sheep that no other civilized culture eats! You know when a cat eats a mouse, and leaves behind the parts that it won't eat? The English EAT THOSE.

The defense rests, your honor.

Marko said...

Modern Haggis is boiled in plastic skins, just like any other sausage.

As for innards, the Scots aren't the only culture who eat those. A trip to the local Ingles will unearth stuff in the meat department that makes Haggis look like filet mignon by comparison. (Scrapple, anyone?)

LawDog said...



The English don't eat haggis.

The Scots eat haggis.

Kindly don't get Scots anything confused with sasannachs again.

Carry on.

B&N said...

Didn't Marie Antoinette say something about what the peasants should be eating?

What happened to her again, I can't quite remember?

Keith said...

The Scots also eat deep fried mars bars and porridge, bloody savages.

Fortunately Charlie boy won't get the whole of the British Isles, There's a republic in the way

Steve Skubinna said...

Charles is just itching to put on that big king hat and start doing king stuff. Decrees, proclamations, all that kind of thing. I bet he's got his sword and big white horse already picked out.

Anonymous said...

Mom is keeping him from the throne when she could have retired Years ago...

Mom knows something.

Always listen to Mom.


Anonymous said...

Scots can eat haggis - because of what's in the glass next to the plate. Me, I prefer Taylor Pork Roll and, no, you really don't want to know what's in that. [As a kid in the '50s, when money was tight, we used to eat Spam fried with brown sugar and tinned pineapple.] OldeForce

staghounds said...

Welfare, no. Remember that once upon a time the monarch owned it all, and that the various grants and other benefits the monarchy receives are the result of the crown agreeing to give up property it owned.

Sort of like if Bill Gates gave the U. S. twenty billion dollars in exchange for food stamps in perpetuity.

That seriousness out of the way, the Scots and the English arguing about who has the worst food is like two bald men fighting over a comb.

Draven said...

Besides, current bets are running that his mommy is waiting for her Grandson to get a little older, and may skip the dolt she calls 'son' entirely.

Would certainly be one of her more popular decisions.