Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blog Stuff: I guess I know what I'll be doing after work tonight...

Google searches on "Jim Zumbo" are pulling in the illiterati in droves.

Lots of grist for the snark mill, there.

Can't hardly wait... :)


Steve Skubinna said...

Looks like another astroturf campaign, or maybe some sock puppetry. These comments sound similar to the ringers who post or write letters to the editor claiming "I've been a conservative Republican all my life, but, that smirking chimp Dubya is the most evilest dictator ever, in the whole world! NO BLOOD FOR OIL!!!"

I did like the moron claiming we had "turned on one of our own." One of our own wouldn't have turned on another part of the shooting fraternity, calling them terrorists.

Nope, the dipshits at Brady have unleashed their foot soldiers. Now we get to see them pretending to be concerned outdoorsmen, lecturing us on our fascist ways. And complaining about your photo.

Okay, so they're gay, too. Nothing wrong with that.

Paha Kani said...

Whoever says that hunting deer with an Uzi isn't challenging, has never fired an Uzi or hunted deer.
I must say that your pro-gunners are much more pro than ours, and your antis are way more anti as well.

LawDog said...

I have a Remington 700 279wsm and that gun can reach out put a deer down with the greatest of ease.

What the hell is a 279wsm?

gamachinist said...

I read Jim Zumba's first apology and felt like it was mostly a cya thing(and more than a little patronising).
I later read his apology on Ted Nugents forum and felt it was more heartfelt,with less excuses and "I'm really a good guy" and more of "I'm ignorant and need to learn".

I had a feeling of sadness that he no longer has a tv show or major magazine podium to use to show to all the hunting only types
that "assualt"type guns have a rightful place in this world,and to remind all the hunting only types that the Brady campaign and all the other anti gunners won't stop until there are no guns left in private hands.

(I refuse to use the term "Fudd" on someone I haven't personaly seen acting inept,as it is just as devisive as Jim Zumba's "terrorist" remark was.)

There is no mention of hunting in the Bill of Rights,only the right to possess arms.
It's high time the hunters figure this out,and once a whole class of guns are outlawed("assualt rifles" and or handguns will be the first targets as hunters will gladly sacrifice them to keep their hunting guns),their rifles will be next,followed by their semi auto and pump shotguns,then their double and single shotguns.

There have been links posted to Brady material detailing how dangerous all guns are (to them at least).Even the 22 rimfire and 30-30 Winchester are mentioned by name. If those are targeted,it gives one the idea that all guns must be outlawed.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here.Too bad as all my shooting freinds are either "with it" or are Yellow Dog Democrats,and I don't know how to reach out to the people that need to hear the truth.
The message coming from one of their own (ie: Jim Zumba) would go far farther than my two cents worth.

gamachinist said...

LawDog said...
I have a Remington 700 279wsm and that gun can reach out put a deer down with the greatest of ease.

What the hell is a 279wsm?

Maybe that's a typo for 270WSM?
I don't know as I don't keep up with most hunting rifle developments,even though the WSM's have been around for a long time now.
I've got stacks of magazines (both the paper and metal kinds) that have never been read.
I stopped suscribing to Double Gun Journal and others as I have about three years sitting there unread.Even my American Rifleman mags are in a stack,waiting for that elusive "one day","someday","soon" or "round tuit" of spare time.
I really need to get offline and work and read more!

BobG said...

Reminds me of one time when I was a kid and my cousin pitched a rock into a basketball-sized hornet nest...

Kristopher said...

And they keep throwing in even more rocks!

Google Petzal, and Pat Wray .... heh.

Petzal being the Field and Stream goof who supported the 1994 AWB ... and Wray being an AHSA brady-bunch "hunter".

It just gets more and more amusing ....

Kristopher said...

Just finished reading the comments again.

It looks like one or two lefty retards stumbled in and got spanked off the blog.

Looked like fun.

Mark@C said...

How'ya doing, shippie?

Steve Skubinna said...

Hey, Mark, chillin' in San Diego. Had to renew BST/MSC, requal small arms, did HCO and CBR/D, and tomorrow I start LSE. Then maybe they'll let me ship out as a Third Officer.

BTW, I now have two M1 Garands, and you remember when I said I wasn't interested in the M1 Carbine? That was until CMP got a bunch of them in, now I'm lusting after one of those little suckers. Also got a friend infected, he wants me to order one for him once CMP puts them up for sale.

I also picked up a left handed bolt action (Ruger M77) in .30-06. So life doesn't suck too much.

Uh-oh, better go... I think Tamara's giving me the hairy eyeball. Yes Ma'am, I know this isn't a BBS. Outta here.

Anonymous said...

I support your right to own guns. I support it mostly because it increases the odds that you will kill yourself or your children in a gun accident.

And face it, every time a gun nut, or the child of a gun nut, dies, the world becomes a better place.

So please keep buying assault rifles and hollowpoint ammo. And I will keep laughing at your gun and hunting accidents.

Sure, most of you will live. But I'll piss on the rest of your graves.

Paha Kani said...

That would be the vest-penetrating-type hollow point ammo, to be used in assault rifles that by methods unknown blow giant chunks out of your hunting buddies without your participation? The same assault rifles that are murderously dangerous when kids have access to them, as opposed to the bolt action .308:s, which are completely harmless no matter how you store them?

Marko said...


you've got some serious mental heath issues. Seek help from a professional.

Seriously, a healthy and well-adjusted person does not revel in the death of anyone, regardless of how much they disagree with them politically or philosophically.

Homer said...

Speaking of Zumbo.....You've made the big time, Tam. Instapundit linked to this on NRO's The Corner by John Derbyshire:

I clicked on the link and whose flowing prose do I behold but our very own Tamara.

Which is almost as neat as the point Derbyshire makes about the solidarity of gun owners.

Thanks, tam.

Standard Mischief said...

Anonymous made the same "piss on your grave" comment on my blog.

training wheel trolling

brbiswrite said...

I am not a gun owner nor a hunter. I've enjoyed the debate about Zumbo and all the other issues it engendered. There is a lot of emotion running unchecked on both sides. Most of the liberal, anti-gun side has the most sophormoric, emotional, and irrational arguements I've ever heard since abortion rights. Both sides have gone ad hominem to the detriment of their points.

I have an old friend who always says we need people out on the left and out on the right to help shove people towards the middle. Clearly that is the case here. Check out this well thought-out and well presented opinion:

I may have to change labels, 'cause I always thought myself as liberal. I choose not to associate myself with those spouting the liberal line on gun gontrol. They are louts, misinformed, cannot argue, cannot use the right word, don't choose to use a dictionary; in general, they are ignorant emotional ninnies. (If PDB reads this, he may think his old man has finally seen the light. Guess again sonny)

brbiswrite said...

Before someone else points out these errors: sophormoric=sophomoric and arguements=arguments.

It's what I get for not using the preview!

Steve Skubinna said...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll set up a fake grave, and sit in a blind nearby...

pax said...

Tamara ~

Promises, promises...