Friday, February 09, 2007

zomg that's funny.

So, yeah, I linked to a post at Kit's blog this morning. A little bit ago, I realized I'd left the window open in the background and went to close it, but before I did, I noticed a link she has called "Quotes". I had never clicked on that before, so I gave it a clicky to see where it led.

Kit hangs out with some funny people; do not attempt to read that page if you are suffering from broken ribs, or you will laugh so hard you'll cry. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

The trails of comments are why I was disappointed when kit left livejounal. Those quotes were a major time suck to follow, but were also some of the funniest material I had ever read. These days, she's lucky to get any comments, let alone the barrage that her livejournal buddies posted. I still love her site; I just miss the comments.


Tennessee Budd said...

Damn, Tam, that's a great link! My girlfriend began wondering why I was giggling to myself.
And I may never try Jimmy Dean sausage.