Friday, February 09, 2007

Boomsticks: Envy.

I'm so jealous!

Okay, okay, that's it. I'm getting with ColtCCO at work and getting the paperwork rolling on a .30 caliber can for my .300 Whisper Mauser (which I'll also be able to use with my 6.8 SPC carbine.)


phlegmfatale said...

Dare I say it? The images on that link are actually CUTE - I'm a sucker for good packaging. ...and that's a slick-looking blog in general.

Tam said...

"...and that's a slick-looking blog in general."

Oh, Kit is one of my heroes!

One of these days she and I will visit my friend Oleg at the same time. :)

phlegmfatale said...

Cool - I'll take a longer look when I get through this whirl-wind crash course thingie. I confess yours is the only blog I visit daily anymore and then I just play catch-up with the others one at a time -- I can't fit a new daily addiction in, so I'll crawl all over that blog in about a month. Thanks for heppin' me to that one. Of course, I can't give up your blog because it's my daily dose of astute observations with a hearty dollop of irony and a chaser of pith. Pith and vinegar? Make mine a double!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You finally gave an update on 'Ol Wheezy, the .300 Whisper Mauser.

Hurry and get that paperwork filled out. I wanna know more. Besides, you know you want the can so you can be the coolest person in the range with the 6.8.


theirritablearchitect said...

"One of these days she and I will visit my friend Oleg at the same time. :) "

Hot chicks. Oleg the photographer.