Thursday, February 15, 2007

The hate that dare not speak its name.

When is a terrorist not a terrorist?


If you're a young Islamic male and you go and kill people in Israel or Iraq, you're a terrorist.

If you do it in America, you're just a crazy loner.

Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chapel Hill, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City.

A lone guy, who just happens to be a Muslim, flips out and kills a bunch of people, random strangers, for no adequately explained reason...

Nothing to see here, people; move along.


staghounds said...


Those are RANDOM dots. No similarity is possible! Stop trying to connect them!

Except for the GUNS !!! The GUNS are the problem! Pay attention to the GUNS!!!

There are NO TERRORISTS IN AMERICA, except for McVeigh and Rudolph.

Nothing else to see here. Move along.

Ooh look over there! Anna Nichole Smith!

GREAT post title, by the way- its original author would have had a field day among the lithe, feral, simple jihadis.

HollyB said...

If they, the jihadists, can't kill us in big groups, they will kill us in little groups. Either way, we're still dead!
Let's stop living in 1984, and call a spade a Freaking Shovel!!!

Mark@C said...

Welcome to wonderland, Alice.
The shooter was stopped/pinned down by an off-duty, waaay-out of jurisdiction police officer, with his private CCW pistol. In other words, a civilian. Yet the local VPC, in a triumph of adolescent thinking (literally, the chairwoman was quoting her nine year old son, apparently), is shouting that civilian ownership/carry of firearms is the villain.
The shooter used a PUMP SHOTGUN, yet Rep. Carol McCarthy misquoted the tragedy (doubling the number of deaths, for one thing) as an opener for introducing a bill to reauthorise the expired federal 'AWB'.
A reporter for the local paper asked the police Public Affairs people if this was an example of 'excessive use of force' by the officers that took down the shooter.
Naturally, one of the family of the shooter made the obligatory "He was such a nice boy" remark.
And for bonus points, this 'troubled youth' (who just happened to be a young male muslim, imagine that!) is sure to be counted as a 'child killed by a gun' by the Brady brain trust.
I'm just scratching my head and wondering why 'gunshow loopholes' didn't make it into the story.
I swear, political correctness will be the death of me yet, if the liberals get their way.

phlegmfatale said...

Yet another glaring example of how society shoots itself in the foot with political correctness. Time was when people believed hobbling themselves was a bad ideer.

Justin said...

Yes, well, you very well can't play the victim if you have the means to prevent it right there at your disposal now, can you?

DAL357 said...

The contortions needed to obfuscate the facts of this case are mind boggling, but not surprising. WTH will it take for the powers that be to stop actively covering up for Muzzies? (This is a rhetorical question, so you don't really need to answer it.)

Well, they may be fooling the fools in this country, but they aren't fooling me. I know what 95% of terrorists in the world have in common, and so does anyone with any sense. Screw political correctness, from this day forward I will consider every Muslim a terrorist-in-waiting. Yeah, I'll be wrong some of the time, but you know what--I don't care. I don't like to be this way, but self-preservation, and the safety of my family, demands it.

ANECDOTE: I know exactly one Muslim; he's the husband of one of my wife's friends. Recently, during a holiday get-together at my house, after a decent quantity of wine had flowed (yeah, he drinks alcohol, smokes, and eats pork), the topic of Israel came up. He began a little spiel about how Jews were crafty, liars, land thiefs, etc. It was amazing to hear, and rather than stop him, I chose to let him continue to make a fool of himself.

This guy was born here to parents who immigrated from Iran, and he is well educated and intelligent, at least book-wise. Yet his "religious" upbringing, and no doubt parental influence, imbued him with bigotry. So now my new maxim on this subject is: Scratch a Muslim hard enough and you'll find a Jew-hater underneath.

Conservative Scalawag said...

ARRRGGGG...I bet if he was a white guy they would've claimed he was a white supremist or militia nut.

But, some kid from Bosinia that happens to be muslim a terrorist. That would be just be crazy talk.

The MSM and libs PC crowd are killing us folks.

Anonymous said...

Read "Soft Targets" by Dean Ing for a possible explanation of why domestic terror is never called "terror"

The book was written 25 years ago, but it still holds up pretty well.

A terrorist is a hero to other moslems, but a pathetic loner is a hero to nobody. So don't call them terrorists.

Ambulance Driver said...

What about looking at it this way:

By labeling him a crazy rather than a terrorist, you rob him of martyrdom. His act is stripped of its "message," if indeed there was one.

Probably doesn't matter to him now that he eats his salads from the roots up, but it may matter to other wanna be jihadis he could have potentially inspired.

But that would be giving the media too much credit. More likely he was indeed a terrorist and they aren't bright enough to realize it.

PN NJ said...

It's been fairly amusing to observe the contortions of NY Times coverage as they make every effort to avoid the M word.

Anonymous said...

You can add "Marc Lepine" in Montreal, Quebec, who massacred some women engineering students -after releasing the men.

(Turns out he took his mom's name, his father was from Morocco, and was... I'm sure it's just a conicidence.)

That massacre led to the useless Federal Canadian Gun Registry. (About which I refuse to talk, it's obscene.)

Anonymous said...

The Bosnian dude who slit the throat of the Greyhound bus driver on I24 near Manchester Tn. causing a wreck and several deaths just weeks after 9-11 was just a troubled soul.

Kristopher said...

As long as this society mostly disarmed, the massacres will continue.

This kind of crap makes my libertarianism slip enough to advocate mandatory carry.

If you want to be a pacifist, get a non-carry permit ... an expensive one, to cover the cost of protecting your sorry ass.

Rabbit said...

You left out the white kid in Norman, OK. outside the football staduim with a backpack bomb. He detonated 'spontaneously' while sitting alone on a bench after he was denied admission to the staduim with the backpack. Seems his roommate was Paki and they'd been going to the OKC mosque, which is another whole book in itself.


staghounds said...

Miss Hollyb, I am glad to say that I have never seen a spade. It is obvious that our social spheres have been widely different.