Saturday, January 19, 2008

Again! They did it to me again!

Two days ago, it was supposed to snow all last night and into today.

Yesterday, it was supposed to start snowing this morning and intermittently all day.

Now they're calling for "a chance of PM snow showers".

We haven't had enough snow on the ground for a snowball fight since 2003. If I'd known that, I'd have stayed in ATL. *grumblegrumble*


Anonymous said...

Well, what we've got up here in sunny Minnesnowta will soon be heading your way. It's -14F right now, and our high for the day is forecast to head all the way up to -1F. Knoxville and environs ought to be seeing some colder-than-usual temperatures in a couple of days or so.

Are the Algorians heading your way?

Sadly, the cold probably won't have any snow attached to it. I'd donate the snow from our driveway, but transporting it down there might be a tad bit expensive.

staghounds said...

Just for "fun", I counted. I have THIRTY SEVEN SWEATERS.

#$%^&* Algore, I'll ne3ver get to wear them!

Anonymous said...

Weather dept=Lucy
Study on it.

Anonymous said...

We're getting snow in No. GA right now. From the maps, I doubt it's gonna do much around Knoxville. I could always be wrong about that though.

A friend of mine I saw Wednesday was saying "maybe we'll have a blizzard". I told her to be careful what she wishes for because she might get it. Her response was "how old are you?".

Anonymous said...

staghounds said...
Just for "fun", I counted. I have THIRTY SEVEN SWEATERS.

How many mother in laws do you have?

Roberta X said...

...IU can probably fix that snow fetish right up for you Tam: move to my state for a Winter. You'll see some snow. --You do own a snowshovel, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it did snow here for several hours today. None of it actually stayed on the ground because it was just too damn warm. Just melted away. Left a little white on the cars in the parking lot and some of the bushes. But it did snow today. Made for a busy day at work, too.

Like K Town, we've had dire weather predictions now twice this week and it amounted to (makes raspberry sound to punctuate the point.)

But it sure has been fun watching all the local weatherpeople coming to us live from the News 6 Weather Bunker or whatever the hell they're calling it this year sending the local gentry scrambling in panic for all the milk and bread in Charlotte.

staghounds said...

NONE, fortunately.

I just like clothes. And redundancy. You know, one (name of thing) good, eight (name of thing)s better.

I think I am the only straight, non royal man who owns 44 pairs of shoes or boots.

John B said...

If it'll make you feel better I'll start phone camming the snow up here into my weblog.
we got a lot of it!