Saturday, January 12, 2008

Movie nigh... er, afternoon.

Went with Gunsmith Bob to see No Country For Old Men. Absolutely outstanding; the Coen brothers' best work yet. Matt did not steer me wrong with his excellent review.

I want to get back out West Texas way again now.

Leaving the theater we ran into young ColtCCO and I got to meet his girlfriend, which was nice. The post movie consensus was four thumbs up.


Earl said...

The movie was great, but I read the book first and love the author's work now, I recommend reading Border Triology and The Road. Sometimes the hero only gets to be road kill, heroically of course. Oprah recommended The Road to her audience but I never understood that, I didn't think she would have understood. Nah, too much of a stretch...

Les Jones said...

Where's it still playing in K-town? I figured I had missed my chance.

Tam said...

Downtown West.

phlegmfatale said...

West Texas is a place of such tremendous presence.

Coen Brothers are amazing. Did you ever see Blood Simple? It has seemed to me that thematically they've been wending back in a circular fashion to that story.

Anonymous said...

The 5 years I spent between Midland and Big Bend are some of the happiest times my wife and I had. West Texas just gets in your blood.

If you go back, stay at the "gage" in mMrathon. That in and of itself is worth the drive. Just to kick back in the rocking chair and put the boots up on the rail and watch the sun set over West Texas and watch for the trains.

Look it up on the web Tam, You would trive there. Its a place you can relate to.

Anonymous said...

I looked it up since I misspelled Marathon above.

The pool and the weightroom are all new from when I was last there. Even the courtyard is new. The food used to be excellent and the show one small picture of the dinning room.

What the pictures don't show is the view west to Alpine and East toward the Val Verde Basin. Sitting on the porch you face south toward Big Bend.

Its hard to describe how nice and quiet a place this is. Very relaxing.

We used to buzz down from Midland for a quick get-away. You could be at the edge of Big Bend NP in 45 minutes and then into the back country after that.

karrde said...

That's the only film I saw over the Christmas break.

It was definitely a good watch, which turned in unexpected directions.

The thing that I enjoyed most in the film was thy way in which the storytelling made the viewer have to think like a hunter.

That's hard to do properly, and the Coen brothers did.