Friday, January 25, 2008

The right to defend yourself doesn't end on Applebee's doorstep.

"Oh, Tamara," you say, "you're just being paranoid. Why would you need to carry in a restaurant? It's not like when you're sitting there minding your own business in some West Knox eatery you're in danger of stopping a bullet from a random crazed gunman."


Anyway, wouldn't it have been nice if someone would have saved the taxpayers the cost of the overnight manhunt and just popped the Hooter's Shooter right there?

Here's more on Tennessee H.B. 702 and the right to self defense at Applebee's, including tips on how you can get involved.


Mattexian said...

The shooting spree at the Luby's in Killeen was a driving force behind Texas' concealed-carry laws. Besides, the cops don't disarm themselves just because they go somewhere that's supposed to be safe.

Anonymous said...

This type of thing is going to happen where and when you don't expect it.

If you did expect it you wouldn't be there in the first place.

Thus the reason to ALWAYS be armed everywhere you go.

John B said...

Well I was going to mention Luby's, and we had a mutiple homicide incident similar to the one in Scotland, right here at the Silver Grille here in Spokane. Right next door to my parent's house. I witnessed a drive by shooting of a waitresses' pick-up truck.

I am proficient, and maintain proficiency in Mixed Martial Arts, (as well as the 2X4 from the lumber yard) but nothing calms and comforts oneself and others like having 15 rounds of your favorite caliber ready to your hand.....

SpeakerTweaker said...

That is why I carry a gun EVERY SINGLE DAY, no matter where I go.

Full stop.


Anonymous said...

Down here in FL, you cannot carry in bars, or in the part of a restaurant that is a bar. It's too vague for my tastes.

Who notes the local law of the land may not make any sense at all.

ToAsTy! said...

Sadly now you even need to carry to church. Its mad out there!

Anonymous said...

What about protection between your car and Applebee's doorstep? Who's responsible for that?

And cars in restaurant parking lots DO get broken into.

Take the classes, give the fingerprints, pay the fees, endure the red-tape BS and they STILL don't trust me.

joe said...

"Down here in FL, you cannot carry in bars, or in the part of a restaurant that is a bar. It's too vague for my tastes."

Virginia eliminates the ambiguity by banning concealed carry altogether in any place that serves alcohol. Interestingly, open carry is OK (even though the local cops in several jurisdictions will harass you for it).

Anonymous said...

I'll stop carrying in businesses when businesses accept responsibility for my safety within their establishment.

perlhaqr said...

I guess I just don't get the hubbub. Restaurants don't want me carrying a gun inside, they clearly don't want my money, either, and I'm just as happy to not give it to 'em.

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