Monday, January 21, 2008

What's in a name?

Despite claiming responsibility for 20,000 deaths, he still isn't being taken seriously by other ex Liberian warlords.

Gee, I can't figure why that would be, General Butt Naked.


Anonymous said...

Forget the 20K dead folks. I think that's just water under the bridge. The more serious concern is whether the correct term is "Buck" Naked or "Butt" naked. I think "buck" is the correct usage.

If you are going to be murdered by a homocidal, messianic, genocidal madman, I would at least think he could bother to use proper, correct and common nomenclature.

These people need guns, but when we send them, can we not send Hillary as well? Or at least Kucinich. Hillary would straighten out his butt-nakedness.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

We should hire the mercenary assassin Pippi Longstockings to go take him out.

Anonymous said...

Take it from me, Field Marshal Von I'd Like To Line Up All Those Genocidal Nut Jobs And Put A Bullet In Their Brainpans, you just don't get good press anymore in the world today. No one knows what it's like to be the bad guy.