Sunday, January 13, 2008

Go Team Me!

Matt pointed out that VFTP passed three quarters of a million hits sometime this morning.


1 Million in '08!

But enough jumping up and down and squealing. I have a revolver to photograph, it being Sunday and all.


Anonymous said...

You should expand into a daily schedule:

Monday Mausers
Tuesday Tokarevs
Wednesday Walters

...and so on...

Anonymous said...

You will make it to a million. There are a lot of folks like me that hit your blog daily.

Heck, even here, sitting on a ship at sea offshore Australia, I try to hit your blog daily when the net is up.

You always have some insightful comments that make the trip worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

I told you yesterday at Atomic you write well. Congrats, Don

Carteach said...

Lol.... a few thou are mine...:)

You is popular.... must be some reason....