Tuesday, January 22, 2008

That's clever.

Clever blog name of the day: The Sunsphere Is NOT A Wigshop.

(Everybody knows it's a homing beacon for UFOs, anyway.)

I saw the link this morning at Michael Silence's blog, but I'm pretty sure Les Jones mentioned something about it at Friday's blogger shindig thingie. I've slept since then, however.


Les Jones said...

I didn't mention the blog, but I explained why that Simpsons episode had the gag about a wig shop being inside the sunsphere.

There's a weird little Korean store on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. One part of it is an ancient convenience store that sells cold medicine at the ragged edge of its expiration date. They also have some electronics and a truck load of wigs. Odd place.

ck said...

Thanks for the mention!
I think Les is describing Jay's Mega Mart, which IS a wig shop (among other things).