Saturday, January 12, 2008

It bears repeating.

Roberta X claims she hasn't been abducted by aliens. In her comments section, I said:
Getting picked up by little green men isn't all it's cracked up to be. You want to go to the intergalactic mall. They want to play with the probulator. Next thing you know you're cracking little green skulls with your tire iron and demanding to be taken home right this instant.

Hmm. Kinda like half the dates I've ever been on, when you think about it...


Carteach said...

Blogging your own blog comments?

Ok, I admit... it had me rolling, but... Out of fresh content there Tam?

Come on... theres a load of snark in there someplace! Tell us how you feel about the french, or maybe something about 'less than lethal' weapons. How about we beat on the Hillary doll a while?

Roberta X said...

It truly is a gem, one that hits in "espirt de demi-scalier" mode: the more one looks at it, the more the accuracy of it come through!

...And not only does it Explain Much About (some) Boys, it also shines a different light 'pon that whole "alien abduction" thingie, too.

Anonymous said...

Every so often, you get on a roll and you hit "Publish" and you say to yourself, "I should post that on my blog." Dun't have a thing to do with out-of-content. I'd imagine that most days, Tam -- like any good blogger -- has way more material than time or energy to pursue it. But you want to preserve your own best work if you can, no matter where it happens.

And I, for one, Tam, ratify your judgement, here. Spot-on.

Mark Alger

Anonymous said...


Carteach said...


I was just poking at the bear.

Tam could post her worst drunken ramblings and I would still be an avid reader.