Thursday, January 03, 2008


Right now the external thermometers are reading a balmy 13* Fahrenheit here at Casa de Tam. You can't actually see your breath in the corners of the house farthest from the propane heater, but it feels like you could. I moved a small electric heater into bathroom just in case; nobody likes burst pipes. The CFLs in the overhead light fixture don't generate much waste heat; I'll admit to leaving a floor lamp with three big halogens running all night to take the edge off the cold in the corner near VFTP Command Central.

Pretty ice fog all along the lake though; it's left the bushes and trees all glittering with a coating of fairy frost.


Unknown said...

Not to start a contest here, but it was four below on the old Fahrenheit scale when I let the dogs out this morning at eight. Nothing like having the boogers freeze in your nose twenty seconds after you step outside.

The doggies are perfecting the art of peeing while running, so they can hurry back to the warm wood stove.

breda said...

nobody likes chilly toilet seats either.

BobG said...

Ain't global warming great?

Carteach said...

Our smallest dog has to be tossed out the door, or she ain't going when it's this cold.

She is capable of peeing in mid air, turning around, hitting the ground at warp factor two, and beating it back to the door before you can get it closed.

It's amazing to watch.

We call it 'dog bowling'.

Tam said...

"Ain't global warming great?"

I prefer to think of it as 'Global Comfortabling'. It'll be nice if it ever really happens...

Anonymous said...

That night, it was three below here in the Hollow.

Just today, I took a call from a friend in ATL, who complained about a thirty-degree day. I couldn't help it: I described how I was standing out in the driveway talking to him in a sweatshirt during a rapid warming trend. It was thirty-one degrees out.

Almost tee-time.