Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Awesomer than expected, now with updates!

So we figured that maybe six or eight folks might show for the Indy Blog Bash.

We got twenty-three.

It was bigger than any of the get-togethers I attended back in my old K-Town 'hood, as Caleb's photos show. (Plus it's a whole lot easier to feel like a big-time blogger when Glenn Reynolds isn't in the room.)

Breda has a short update, with a hint of more to follow.

Red has a post up.

RobK applauds the Age of the Brewpub at his LiveJournal.

Old Grouch reports from the corner of Westfield and Westfield.

(This space left intentionally blank for more linkage.)


phlegmfatale said...

*envy mode*

breda said...

I think I look fairly dashing in that hat, don't you?

Thank you for such a wonderful time.

red said...

It was good to meet you and everyone else. A nice mix of good people. Hope we can all get together again sometime.

Roberta X said...

With a hat like that, "dashing" it is! ;)

The best thing is, you have the direct and level gaze possessed only by the very best teachers, librarians and warrior princesses and can stare down that Cthulhu cap with ease and great verve.

Rob K said...

Thanks for the link! Now I have to worry about people actually reading my stuff, instead of just my meatspace friends and family.

Kevin said...

Breda has a short update,

Hah! You made a funny!

Damn, Breda, you're cute for a munchkin!

breda said...

Thanks, Kevin. Maybe Marko can wrangle me.

Um, okay, that sounded bad. Completely unintentional. (Sorry, Marko! ...and Mrs. Marko!)

And, Tam? "short update"? Knowing you, that was intentional! =)

Tam said...

*whistles innocently*