Saturday, June 28, 2008

Overheard in the kitchen...

I went out back to re-set the grape tomato plant against its improvised stake this morning and noticed the beginnings of a couple of 'maters. Hmmm. Time for a tomato cage.

Back into the kitchen where I had last seen my roomie, I was yelling "Hey, the next time we go to Lowe's, we need to..."

No RobertaX in the kitchen. Or dining room.

" real loudly to ourselves so people will think we're crazy and not mess with us!"


Anonymous said...

Get a Bluetooth headset. Well worth the cost, just so people don't look at you funny.

Sometimes, I don't even turn mine on.

breda said...

at least you were at home - I do this in public. I think I might scare people in the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

And be sure you're wearing one of these at the time. That'll get 'em!

TW: "moakduz"
I duz
  what Moak duz
do you duz
  it too?

We duz
  and they duz
if on-ly for
  a few.

He duz
  and she duz
you couldn't ask
  for more

That's what
  we all duz
Till quarter
  of four!

Thank you, thank you... try the veal!

Anonymous said...

I talk to myself all the time, I suspect that's a relic of living alone save for two dogs. Once you establish a habit like that, though, it tends to leak out of the house, and so I... as I said, I talk to myself all the time.

Major upside: people collecting signatures on petitions actually step away when I pass by. But once I make old grouch's poem part of my outer/inner monologue, they'll throw themselves under the tables.

theirritablearchitect said...

Was Roberta at least in the house when you were doing this?

If so, I think you'd safely avoid the "nutcase" label you're fearing.

Mark said...

rickn8or has plumped me. I wear my headset all the time, for that simple reason. For I do and truly talk to myself, all the damn time, often using words and phrases like "plasma ram", "halide-ion pulse" and "sequential detonation"

Yeah,hoo. Ha.

The eggs have gained oxygen.