Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh, poo!

I remember lying there this morning, in that half-awake, half-asleep state where you're still kind of limp and you haven't opened your eyes yet, but your brain has started to turn over, and those very first semi-cogent thoughts suddenly congealed and the weight of the hydrogen started the fusion reaction and I had a brilliant post in my head and I leapt from the bed and put the coffee on and fed the cats and sat down at the 'puter and... and... damned if I can remember what it was now.

In other news, they're having a Cosmos marathon on the Science Channel today. Ann Druyan will be hosting, although probably not talking about the billions and billions of times she got jiggy wit' Carl Sagan.


Brad K. said...

Do like Bourne did. Keep a journal by the bed, with a pen. Immediately write down any thoughts, any dreams, any feelings each time you awaken.

Dream readers recommend this to help people train themselves to remember dreams, for later interpretation.

Plus, any blogger needs a few blank 3x5 cards and a pen/pencil in a pocket at all times. The best ideas slip away if you don't tag them quick.

In Boot Camp they told us, "If you can't keep up, take notes." Then they marched us all to the PX (they marched us around as a group a lot) and made us each buy three notebooks and a pen or two. The notebooks were folded in half, long way, and tucked in the left (if I remember 35 years ago correctly) back pocket. The pen was slipped into the wire bindind, the wire binding was to the outside. (They were teaching us attention to detail. Bed sheets were all tucked with the seam to the inside so the Company Commander wouldn't "tear his fingernail off" when checking that the hem was turned right way up. I don't suppose he could have kept his hands in his pocket, and avoided the risk to his finger nail.) They required us to pull the notebook out in each class, and reviewed our notes every week or so. There wasn't a whole lot of, "I don't need no notes 'cause I am keeping up." Funny, that.

Anonymous said...

Brad K.--

It sure sounds like NTC Orlando, September '72 to me.

But it can't be 35 years because 1972 from 2008 is... damn!

Will Brown said...

Certainly it sounds nothing like RTC San Diego the year prior to that.

The principle activity seemed to be walking us in a group (with the Marines example having been so close to hand, I can't bring myself to describe our action as "marching") underneath the flight path of all the seagulls busily feeding out of the chow hall dumpsters. With predictable result. Let's just say that notes written by us would have been entirely extranious as the lesson was already thoroughly well documented.

"Oh, poo!" indeed ...

phlegmfatale said...

I hate when the germ of a brilliant blog is forever lost in the ether. We was robbed!

.....CLIFFORD said...

"....the billions and billions of times she got jiggy wit' Carl Sagan."

Please. I was eating.

Tam said...

My work here is done... :)

Anonymous said...

When Ann and Carl got jiggy wit' it, did the Earth move or did the Heavens?