Thursday, June 26, 2008

The holster half.

Picking a gun is only a tiny part of the CCW equation. I have seen so many people over the years simply agonize over the choice of firearm, weighing pros and cons of size, cost, and caliber, and then just snatch the first $14.99 nylon sausage sack of a holster they find off the shelf. A week or two later, the gun is tossed in the sock drawer as being too uncomfortable or hard to conceal.

Most folks don't realize that they need to put at least as much (usually much more) thought into how they're going to carry as they do into what they carry. Brigid has some suggestions.


The Duck said...

Belt & Holster, when people find that the combo can start at $125 & up they whine. But I tell them hey what good is a $500 dollar gun, if your weapons delivery system fails??
A young Instructor was carrying his Glock in some ill fitting nylon device, & I was on his butt about it, he finally showed up with a decent holster, after using a bathroom, & when he hiked up his pants the Glock made a real splash, he said the worse part was he had not flushed yet. I told him it was ok Glocks were dishwasher safe.

Alan said...

Most emphatically agreed.

If you're planning on carrying concealed, the belt and holster decision is MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE GUN.

Find a sturdy gun belt and a holster you can wear DAILY then buy the gun that fits it.

A good belt will run you $60 to $80 (Or more) Look for a double layer leather belt. It needs to be stiff and sturdy enough to support the full weight of the gun so your pants don't sag.

A holster will also run you at least $60 (probably more) and MUST be comfortable. You get what you pay for on holsters.

I recommend The Belt Man for belts and Comp-Tac for holsters. I use products from both companies and I carry an XD .40 every day, all day (Unless I'm traveling to one of the evil states that don't allow self defense.)

Anonymous said...

I gave up on obsessing over holsters I'd get if I could justify them, having no carryability in my state.

I gave up by deciding to make them myself. If I could keep a blog alive, they'd be there. I've been stitching leather at night for like 2 weeks now, and it's very satisfying, and instructive. CHEAPer too, if you have some basic crafting ability. The tools are quite simple and cheap.

Anonymous said...

My carry holster is an Uncle Mike's shoulder rig, for my 1911. I really want to get a leather shoulder holster, but vertically oriented because I believe it would make the gun ride more smoothly and reduce chances for it to print.

I'm a hefty guy, so I can get away with carrying a full sized auto.

One additional consideration, though... I am left handed, so have to find a good convertible rig. I've run across a few, but have not yet bit the bullet and shelled out the hundred or so bucks.

Incidentally, whenever I watch Last Man Standing I begin thinking very seriously about getting a double rig and another 1911. But then my second impulse takes over, which is to watch Fistful of Dollars and Yojimbo again, and the urge fades.

Anonymous said...

not sure why you think a vertical carry would be more concealable for a govt model. That butt sticking out at the top is a real problem. I'm not aware of any upside down rigs made for a big auto. You need to adjust your rig so the gun sits at an angle. Try to get the muzzle up so a line drawn from it to the bottom front of the magwell is as close to vertical as you can. This should be the most concealable position for the gun. Then work on setting the height (location between armpit and belt), that works best for you. Two guns will give you the best balance, otherwise, try to hang enough stuff to get close to the guns weight, for best comfort. Consider extra mags, knife, small BUG, flashlight, cuffs, etc...
Check out Aker Holsters. What I use appears to be the #101 shoulder rig (in left hand). Very minimal holster body. Only problem I have is the cross piece is a little thick for me. Wish they could work on that, it's too bulky for a skinny guy like me. But, I can conceal a full size govt model if I want. It will fit any size 1911.

Anonymous said...

will, I think the butt is less potentially obtrusive than the slide, which is horizontal. Your point about angling the pistol is interesting, and I'll give it a try - sounds workable.

I do have a mag pouch on the other side, so the rig balances acceptably. And I adjust the height so it rides just below the swell of my latissimus dorsi, where it keeps nicely out of the way. It's just that I am always aware of the length of the slide running fore and aft, although a bush jacket or vest always seems to cover it.

Thanks for the tips. I'll look into Aker, hadn't heard of them yet.