Friday, June 27, 2008

Block Party in the Intertubes!

I was nosing around through various folks' SiteMeters yesterday and noticed that it was a pretty big day across the intarw3bz. I didn't get any big linkage from any of the usual suspects like Unc or KdT, and I still wound up with about five hundred more hits than even a healthy June weekday would warrant.

Talking on the phone with Staghounds yesterday, I noted that it was like a huge traffic jam on the information superhighway, and everyone had piled out of their cars in SCOTUSblog-crashing numbers and started a tailgate keg party on the shoulder of the road.


Anonymous said...


MY big hits day was Monday -- when I posted about the Blogmoot.

Which shows t' go ya what's more important in MY world.


Anonymous said...

It could be AVG 8 pushing your stats up, their link-scanner is using the IE6 user-agent. Details here

Tam said...

Nah. The timing ain't right. Plus, it's matched by GoogleAnalytics...

Anonymous said...

Without knowing the timing I can only agree with you ;)

What I should have said in my earlier post was "their link-scanner is now using the IE6 user-agent

Ugh, too much techie, need beer.