Thursday, June 19, 2008

Damned whether he does or doesn't.

The biggest danger of trying to be all things to all people is that if you don't succeed, you wind up being nothing to nobody.

Barack *redacted* Obama's latest experience with high-centering himself on the middle ground occurred at a rally in Detroit, where apparently observant Muslim women wearing the hijab were asked not to sit with the rest of their group behind the podium in view of the TeeWee cameras.

I almost feel sorry for him here. Almost. He's made his bed and he'll have to lie in it. If he's got head scarves in the picture, the wingnuts accuse him of caving to Islamofascist terrorists. If he keeps headscarves out of the picture the moonbats excoriate him for religious and ethnic discrimination and preaching fear and divisiveness. It's a lose-lose situation when you want to be the ever-vigilant yet all-inclusive stern healing tough nice guy. Best o' luck, Barry; the juggling act only gets tougher from here.

Hopefully McCain will just embrace his inner bastard and run his campaign from that angle, but I don't see that happening either. It's gotta be hard to do a convincing Cuddly Porcupine impersonation all the time.


HokiePundit said...

McCain has to be careful, or else he'll get the "grumpy old man" label and that'll be a mortal blow.

The smart move might be to go as long as possible, waiting for Obama to trip over his own feet with these gaffe-a-days. Subtly point out Obama's socialism and try and pry away a few centrist Democrats as a "one-off." If McCain is to go negative, it needs to be in a blitz at the end, before the "grumpy old man" label can sink in.

Also, you may be pleased to know that even liberal friends of mine have laughed at and complimented me on my "No Thanks, Keep the Change" sticker on the back of my Tacoma.

Johnny said...

It would seem to be tough on his holiness the Obama, PBUH, but you don't get to be a bleeding heart liberal multiculturalist without being able to believe two contradictory things at once. That's why letting reality intrude is a definite handicap for a leftwinger. Barack's supporters (and his holiness the Obama, PBUH) will simply believe what is necessary to make this the `right thing to do,' seamlessly changing the justification depending on context.

NotClauswitz said...

Barak Humpty-Dumpty Obama is already backpedaling and redacting his public-funding finance promise since he has enough Soros money being bundled through the likes of Rezko - leaving McCain to potter along alone.
Dammit I'm gonna have to vote for the semi-Democrat instead of the plush-slush-fund Chicago-Stalinist.

Vote For David said...

double damned:

They were invited back as the campaign backpedalled in a frantic attempt at PC-ness. Guaranteed seats behind The Candidate...

...before they were found to be closely tied to radical fundamentalist muslim types.