Sunday, June 29, 2008

Future collector's item.

Countertop shows off rare pre-ban Cafe Press sticker.


Anonymous said...


I got one of the long format ones just hours before you posted that they were being removed.

Unlike Countertop (Hi!), I put mine on my car and drive it around the DC Beltway. :)


HokiePundit said...

I've got one on my car and my dad and my sister have one of the pre-ban stickers on each of their cars, too.

I've still got one; I'm not sure whether to try and make a mint off of it in a few years or whether to cannibalize it for parts if my current sticker gets vandalized.

Countertop said...


I actually ordered 5. Ones on my car, ones on the window in my office, and the other 3 were donated to other DC area residents for their cars.