Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oil can! Oil can!

Having spent last weekend at Knob Creek, it's been two weeks since I busted a cap. I hope I remember how.

I'm going to drag the range bag and a couple ammo cans down to Iggle Crick and try and squeeze in some trigger time. (Get it? Squeeze? Trigger? I kill me...)

I've been really slack with my revolver shooting of late, and so I'm going to work the K-22 and the Kit Gun some.

I wonder if I have any zombie targets left?


Carteach0 said...

I just ordered up a fifty pack of 'anatomy' targets from Sportsman's Guide.

Basically the traditional 'bad guy in a stocking mask' target, with an understated human anatomy you can see when you are real close. From a distance, it's center mass shooting at the big bad guy with a gun, up close you get to see what bad guy organs your hits would disrupt.


Tam said...

What I like most about the zombie targets is that they don't spook the straights.

I mean, you're not shooting at people; they're zombies! ;)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I think she said "oil can."

og said...

I'm just impressed I caught the 'Oil can" reference.

Pity they don't make oil drums that would conform to your... anatomy. It would be fun to see you dressed as the tin woodsman. Bet you'd be a dab hand with an axe, too!

TheOtherLarry said...

Projectile Therapy!

Gotta love it!

Chronos said...

Spent 3hrs shooting today. Forgot the sunscreen!

John B said...

Can't reach/find the oil can.
Will Break-Free CLP do?

WV: phreak okay! I'm outed!