Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi, Paul!

How's it feel to be on the losing side, Paul? Hey, did you hear? Louisiana's passing its own Firearms Freedom Act, Indiana's Parking Lot bill passed, and Arizona just got Vermont Style Carry. We have got your astroturf "movement" down and we are kicking it like a naked fat guy at Altamont. Taste the ash heap of history, you bigoted old Bolshie.

See you in downtown Indy Saturday for the 2nd Amendment March? Maybe we could get a cup of Starbuck's afterward... :)


Drang said...

Feelin' the schadenfreude today, eh?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for running the Brady Bunch straight into the ground. Most of all, thanks for urging DC and Chicago to fight us all the way to the Supreme Court. Without this we could not advance our civil rights like this!

Oh, by the way, just remember that after November of 2010 and 2012, we'll be in a position to increase the funding of CMP ten thousand fold, mandate firearms training in all public schools K to university, and make purchase of firearms mandatory (invoking the health insurance precedent).

Shootin' Buddy

P.S.--glad you left Fort Wayne. The city has much improved without the millstone of you.

Pathfinder said...

He's still using IE 6.0!!

Noah D said...

the millstone of you

*doffs cap*

jesperskibbey said...

I.E. 6 on Win XP. I expected him to be running Safari on a Mac.

Paul said...

damn near had a stroke on the head line. Yes, it is good to see the anti's having issues.

Anonymous said...

"thanks for urging DC and Chicago to fight us all the way to the Supreme Court"

Word is, they told DC not to do that for exactly the reason that turned out to happen: DC loses.


Anonymous said...

I was going to come up with a comment, but the w/v is:


I don't think I can do better.


Turk Turon said...

And Virginia's governor just signed the "restaurant carry" bill; goes into effect July 1, 2010.

Joel said...

He's still using IE 6.0!!

And doing vanity searches.

zeeke42 said...

Hopefully you can soon add this to the list:

Repeal of SBR/SBS ban in Alabama heading to governor's desk.

Anonymous said...

Heard the sorry old fraud on NPR today.


He's a poster-child for quivering chinless cowering idjits everywhere, who sincerely believe that a GUN makes the person who they are.

BLEAGH!!! I wanted to wash out my ears and brain after listening to his whole pious know-better-than- the-peasants spiel.

And BTW, dim-witty: if you should read this by chance, the parameters for police issue and allowed usages of firearms are NOT parallel to the private civilian OWNERSHIP and LEGAL USAGES of same.

In short, had I read y'r BS-filled interview on paper, I wouldn't have soiled myself by using it for sanitary purposes it deserved.

You do not know us. You do not understand us. And you do not view us as legitimate citizens, politically equal to your own exalted and oppressive opinions.

I trust that at some point, you and the whole sorry Soros-Joyce Foundation-Bloomburg-HCI Axis of Tyranny publicly founder in your own stinking pile of lies.

The citizens at large will realize that the legit gun owners in this country are among the most solid and respectable and law abiding of all the population -- and are committed to the defense of their families and the innocent. YOU will be the ones siding with the violent, the sociopath, the career predator, and the gangs.

Indeed, Tam had has it right: you are one sorry old Left-over, still working the herd mentality of Those Who Are Afraid of Anything, on behalf of Those Who Would Rule Everything.

Bad cess to you, maggot.

JohnM, who knew where the power of the people lay, long before you ever kissed the ass of your first Marxo-academic professor.

Michael said...

Length of visit 0 sec. Coward. ;)

staghounds said...

1. Hilarious.

2. What makes you all think he cares?

Paid a fortune, the only thing he has to do for it is travel around to pleasant venues preaching the same sermon over and over to the same choir.

He's found the mother lode.

rickn8or said...

Tam's in rare form today.
PaulM's not far behind.

atlharp said...


Hey Paul can you go work Obama's re-election campaign? Thanks a bunch tool!

Anonymous said...

Now, Tam, you're picking on the mentally disabled, and that's not funny. OK; it's funny in this case. -- Lyle