Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hope and Change!

Free Speech Zones?

Meet the new boss...

(H/T to Breda.)


Cond0010 said...

Whoa Nelly!!!

Them Tea Partiers sure know how to party. I can see why the Riot Police came in!!! But I think fire hoses may have been needed to cool them bllue haired hooligans down.


Here's a compare and contrast of the typical Tea Party protest versus a riot on immigration in Arizona (Thanks Hotair, Townhall and Fox News):

Please note that when you try to see the video on YouTube, you need to sign in due to the violence being shown (must be 18 or older):

No kidding...

Dixie said...

The only difference between George W. Bush and Barack Obama is that Obama has a good PR team.

That's it. George Bush is Great Value, Obama is Delmonte. Same stuff, different wrapper and some marketing.

Weer'd Beard said...

Cond0010 , my thoughts exactly. All-out riots in Arizona and yet the brute Squad is called out on these guys who 100% comply with the wishes out of pure politeness.

Hell Barry could have sent a pair of local black-and-whites out and gotten the same results.

That being said I don't know how to feel about seeing the Po-Po marching in in full riot gear with bandoleers of flexi-cuffs, in formation to a called cadence....marched out-of-step.

All for a peaceful and respectful protest.

On one hand it smacks of a Police state...on the other hand it looks like a police state overseen by the Keystone Cops.

Joseph said...

I can't imagine being one of those riot police getting called in on my day off (you know some were) and then facing this mob. I really feel for them, it had to be harrowing.

I guess the Tea Partiers are lucky Barry didn't call out the SEIU.

Stuart the Viking said...

The tea partiers should have found a particularly small and frail looking little old lady and staged a t-square spoof picture of her facing down a whole SWAT team platoon. That would have been hilarious!

Yes, I know the tea partiers aren't there to entertain me, but really it's all about marketing and an image like that would be funny enough for people to want to pass around and hopefully call people's attention to the tea party movement.


Cond0010 said...


yea... a few photo ops with the Swat Team & some lil old ladies using their walkers & canes ought to do the trick.

Kristopher said...

I see a squad of armed rioters in black uniforms threatening a peaceful assembly.

Someone should call the police.

Anonymous said...

Dixie: Got any video of the Shrub calling up Swat on the hometown folks or anything at all similar to what was shown here?

Or is that just your fair, balanced and unbiased opinion shinin' through?

I'm no fan of little Geo., but that statement and comparison is unfair, unfounded, and un f'n true.

And that crackerjack PR team of O's? Been droppin' the ball pretty bad of late, haven't they? They're trailing big at halftime, let's hope that leads to a scoreboard blowout at the end of the game...even if the other team's quarterbacked by Bush III (shudder).

Al Terego

Tam said...


To be fair, neither Dubya nor Barry was involved in calling out the riot cops (this isn't "SWAT"); this is most likely all on USSS.

And don't get me started on the whole "Free Speech Zone" thing that went on during the Bush administration.

Stuart the Viking said...

I have to agree with Joseph. I have known my share of shit-head cops in my day, but I have also known quite a few who were just regular joes tryin to keep their family fed and help people at the same time. I know it is trey-cool to be all "down on the pigs" but really, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those guys would have rather been part of the peaceful protest than in hot, black riot gear, standing around in the sun for no good reason because the boss man said jump.

W was a pussy for moving protesters so that they would be out of sight/out of mind and Obama is a double pussy for doing the same with protesters who are just little old ladys standing up for what they believe.

When I am president (yea right, not likely), I will make a point of pissing off my security detail by going and talking to the people. There is FAR too much NOT-LISTENING going on in the presidency and has been for years.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody was intimidated by the Quincy (IL) riot control and drill team. The only thing that would have been funnier is if their K9 unit used dachshunds and pulled up in a Yugo.

The cheerleaders from Trenton High were scarier when they started chanting "We, we are, SUPER BAD!"

I would ask the folks to have a bit of choir rehearsals next time. That first song was painful.


Anonymous said...

Tam: If it looks like a SWAT and walks like a SWAT...etc. And anything handled by the security detail surrounding potus is defacto controlled by potus, serving at his pleasure, be that W or O. But you are right, my first two paras could have been taken down a notch; for one thing I've seen other of Dixie's commentary, and she ain't the opposition.

But my third paragraph, in answer to the statement that the only diff between Geo and Bo is PR? I'll hold tight to that and add a big BS! to boot.

The subject of the last paragraph is playing out as we speak, and we can only hope the game ends before it's "game over".


Dixie said...

... and she ain't the opposition.

I'm a dude.

Or is that just your fair, balanced and unbiased opinion shinin' through?

Bush disliked Amendments 4,5,6 and 8, Obama dislikes the 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th.

Allowing the debate to framed as "(one party) GOOD, (other party) EVIL!" is why we're here. Guy A gets slammed by Side B, then Guy B gets Side B whipped up... all the while doing the same things Guy A did.

Now, that said... I liked Bush as a person. He was horrible from a Constitutional standpoint (*cough* PATRIOT Act*cough), but you could actually discuss things with him.

Obama... not so much. If you protested outside his house in Chi-town, you'd probably get beat by SEIU. And audited. Possibly sent to Gitmo.

Anonymous said...

btw, glad you didn't finish the lyrics 'cause

"similar in some distasteful ways but way...the...fuck...worse than the old boss"

would be a bit unwieldy, even for Townsend.

wv: dilin...hah! yeah, he might've been able to make it work.

Tam said...

I was discussing a particular issue.

You will recall that the Left side of the aisle was all worked up over the dreaded Free Speech Zones when the Shrub was in office (never mind that they made their first appearance under Bill,) and yet here they are falling all over themselves in a fit of hand-waving to justify calling out the crowd-control for the Geritol Gang.

Stuart the Viking said...

Dixie is a dude?!?!?!

/me goes and showers with a brillo pad.



Anonymous said...

Dixie: sorry about the gender thing, but I like you even better now that I know your handle is about attitude rather than given name.

And as to your new comment, I agree 100%. With young people like you comin' up (and my son who's your age), us old birds who sometimes feel like it's all over but the fat lady's part just might be proven wrong...I hope the hell so. AT

Anonymous said...

"I was discussing a particular issue."

I know, Tam. But me being me, I see a sign saying "Caution: Tangent Ahead" and I make a hard right and follow that side road right to the deep ruts.


Dixie said...

/me goes and showers with a brillo pad.

I don't know what's worse, that nobody can figure out that I'm a guy, or that they think I'm a sexy woman. :P

... yet here they are falling all over themselves in a fit of hand-waving to justify calling out the crowd-control for the Geritol Gang.

Why is it that I keep thinking about Monty Python when I watch the evening news? "What, behind the grandmother?" "It *IS* the grandmother!"

And as to your new comment, I agree 100%.

Aw, dangit... now who am I gonna argue with? (chuckle)

Divemedic said...

Those cops aren't particularly intimidating. They march like a bunch of first week boots,equipment improperly secured and dangling, overweight, undisciplined.

They would probably break and run at the first sign of resistance from anything other than unarmed women and retired people.

The only reason that violence doesn't break out is that restraint is being shown, not because people are really intimidated.

Anonymous said...

"now who am I gonna argue with? (chuckle)"

Never challenge the unknown, grasshopper. (maniacal laughter)

Crustyrusty said...

I still wanna know WTF Obutthead was doing in flipping Quincy, IL, of all places.

I know they were bought out for Blago when he was elected, but still, not a huge hotbed of political activity, as is evident.

Patrick said...

My mother in law is named Dixie. I thought you were a woman too. LOL.

I almost blogged that but I keep thinking that "isn't that standard procedure?" Am I getting upset over nothing?

Maybe I'll resurrect my post. I trashed it a few days ago thinking I wouldn't post it.