Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Americas.

So Virginia just got a small raft of pro-CCW laws, Alabama just got the prohibition on certain types of NFA weapons overturned, Indiana's parking lot bill passed, Arizona got Vermont-style CCW, Iowa went "shall issue", a bunch of states have passed "Firearms Freedom" Acts, and California...

...well, California, fresh from passing a ridiculously onerous "ammo registration" law, is now making noises about trying to clamp down on its gun owners even harder, this time by prohibiting open carry of an unloaded firearm, which some people have had the temerity to do as a form of protest. Can't have the citizens getting uppity out there.

Increasingly, there are two Americas.

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Heck, even MARYLAND passed a sorta Castle Doctrine.

Well.... the Gov hasn't signed it yet, so...

alath said...

Are you sure it's technically correct to call that other place "America?"

Stranger said...

And I still support the proposal to swap Kali's coastal counties to China for the T-bills we hold.

The Kali' regressives would get the government they deserve, America would lose almost three trillion in debt, and California could rejoin America. An all around win.


netfotoj said...

and Bar-Sto just said adios Kali and boogied on over to South Dakota with its manufacturing plant. God help our poor gunbroker customers from Kali, the gun shop where I work in NC is one of the few that even tries to sell handguns to California with its ridiculous CA-DOJ approved list.

Jim said...

I am nitpicking, but Iowa is still a gov's signature away from shall-issue and reciprocity. Everyone thinks "Ya Big Lug" will sign it. I'm the worrywart neurotic who has nightmares about Chet caving in to his Sarandonesque bicoastal donors.

He has until April 29 to go one way or the other.

Joanna said...

Mr. Whittle's opening remark was that he enjoyed getting out of California to visit the United States. Lots of applause on that one.

Joel said...

And I still support the proposal to swap Kali's coastal counties to China for the T-bills we hold.

China's already got financial troubles enough, I've heard, without taking on that nightmare. Their rulers may be old-line commies, but surely they're not so stupid as to fall for that.

Though if they were... Maybe we could throw in Chicago?

Boat Guy said...

Soooo much grist for the mill there; "closing this important loophole" and the cop saying that OC'ers in compliance with the law are saying "Neener, neener, neener, it's unloaded". If police academy cadets (cue Kim Cattral and Steve Guttenberg) are "taught from day one" that ALL guns in citizen hands are BAD how's 'bout adjusting your curriculum there sport?
While I couldn't bear to see the coastline I loved as a child in Chinese hands, it's already commie-controlled.

Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

I keep hoping "The Big One" will drop San Fran (along with Nan) into the drink, submerge L.A. and Villainraigosa, turn the Central Valley into a giant bay, and the Coast Ranges into offshore islands, and make a new coast out of the Sierra Nevada and the Southern ranges. Any Leftists remaining in the mountains and deserts will find themselves vastly outnumbered by real Americans.

Pathfinder said...

Add to the win list the fact that the CO Supreme Court ruled that local jurisdictions, such as the universities, cannot preempt state law re' CCW. In fact, they ruled that State law DOES preempt the university regs.

See Bane's blog today at

As for kalifornicated, yet another massive FAIL on their part. But it is the one thing they do well - fail. Regularly. And spectacularly.

Weer'd Beard said...

I belive Cali's stupid handgun roster is still being challenged in court. That could bode well to many of us in shitty restrictive states.

Still I'm thankful that Mass anti-gun forces have been stalled for a good number of years.

Now to turn back the tide...

Windy Wilson said...

WRT Whittle's remark about leaving California and visiting America, in Europe if you ask Americans where they come from, they say,"America". As a Californian where he comes from, and he says, "California"


Windy Wilson said...

And Stranger, no, actually we need free staters to come to California and register to vote, and actually vote for freedom.
We need you like California needed Americans in the 10 years before the Mexican War and Texas needed Americans in the decades before the Alamo.

atlharp said...


I think you are alot more correct on the issue of two Americas than you think. John Edwards always framed the issue as those who "have and have not," but the real issue is those that promote freedom and those that sign their's away. The gun issue is a perfect example of that. I have given up on the state of California. I have no faith in it nor its citizens to stand up for themselves. Time and again, it comes down this in the two Americas. There are those who promote, fight, vote to secure liberty, and those that just watch it slip away. Until Californians start acting like Americans they will have nothing but debt, sorrow, and destitution!

Anonymous said...


And Texans say "Ah'm from TEXAS!!"

cap'n chumbucket

Anonymous said...


The ONLY drawback to what you hope for is that it would almost certainly submerge the Imperial Valley (approx 50 feet BELOW sea level) and I do so like some lettuce, tomato, and onion on my cheeseburgers...

cap'n chumbucket

Stranger said...

Windy, I have been to Kali - and California. Many of my grandfather's descendants still live in Berdoo and Big Bear. But once I get past Needles the restrictions start closing in. And the bad coffee.

Why not come to Mississippi? The coffee pot's on.


Außenseiter said...


You do know that California and other blue states subsidize the red states with federal money?

They probably wouldn have less "debt" issues, were it not for the federal gov't redistribution..

Very, very ironic. And Alaskans don't only get to live in a pristine wilderness relatively unspoiled by hordes of humans, but they also apparently get handouts from oil money, like the Arabs in oil states.

It's all a just one big joke.

Anonymous said...

From Joe in PNG

OH MY GOD HE'S RIGHT! Red states get subsidies, so our that means our desire for smaller government and less taxes is just hypocrisy! Dude, you totally changing my whole worldview. I mean, really, I no longer think that electing politicos that want to wean us from the big federal teat is the way to go.
I see the light! Increase government! More regulations and taxes! Otherwise we're hypocrits!

Tam said...

Außenseiter ,

While it may be comforting to think that California's fiscal problems are caused by them generously boxing up money and sending it to ungrateful Okies who stuff it in their mattresses and then go march at Tea Parties, the fact of the matter is that its fiscal problems are nearly entirely internal.

They have spent decades building a giant, over-regulated welfare state juiced by imaginary Monopoly money tax revenues generated by selling .com stocks, beachfront houses, and tulip bulbs to each other at insanely inflated prices, and using the resulting cash to promise a public sector dominated by thuggish unions insane salaries and benefits and every voter his own gold house and rocket car. When the bubbles burst, the liabilities remain. It's the reductio ad absurdum of the problems facing the rest of America (and, indeed, the developed world) right now.

Außenseiter said...

I wrote that "would have less" debt issues.

I just wanted to inject a bit of fun into the proceedings.
The political debate in the US is absurd (as it is everywhere), with nearly everyone misinterpreting the other side, decapitated strawmen.

The gov't made money very, very cheap in an effort to please voters and companies (do I detect a pattern here?), and that was one of the reasons for the housing bubble. Can you imagine politicians not taking advantage of rising tax revenues? Their corporate sponsors would be seething, and any voter but the libertarian one too.

Can you imagine people who grew up bombarded by ads encouraging needless consumption not taking advantage of the possibility of getting money out of their houses by re-financing them? Sure, you did not, but most people are herd animals, and like their luxuries.

It's also worth noting that apparently making ends meet may be quite a challenge for people with mortgages:

@Joe in PNG
Yeah, well, I suppose people like that Bachmann crazy lady are hypocrites. She's railing against socialism while recieving lots of money in farm subsidies, which are a very, very socialistic policy. Capitalism isn't supposed to be about ensuring farmers' profit margins with tax money.

Every sane politician is a hypocrite. Lies can be sold, unlike the truth, which is rather unpalatable.

Tam said...


Parenthetically, it would be interesting to ponder how much of Middle America's financial woes could be traced to the tulip bulb frenzy on the Left Coast.

In Atlanta, Knoxville, and Indianapolis, I have lived in upscale-ish, trendy neighborhoods. In all three, I have heard homeowners chortle about how such-and-such a house has just sold for 1.5-to-2 times "what it was worth" because the buyers were "idiot transferees from California". Because we didn't relieve them of the piles of candy bar wrappers and Monopoly money they got by selling their 875 sq ft bungalow in Hollywood and instead let them bring it into the rest of America and spend it as though it were real money, it had the effect of driving up home prices in neighborhoods that might have otherwise been less affected.

It's hard to quantify the real effects of that, but it's interesting to think about...