Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CCW in the California of the South.

PDB has a quick breakdown of North Carolina's concealed carry laws, complete with important links, for those heading to the Tar Heel state to attend the NRA convention next month.


Anonymous said...


I think a shorter list is where you can carry in North Carolina.

No booze, no gun, no fun, *spits* can't do that round here, boy, I say, I say.

I cannot figure why gun stuff happens in such anti-gun places. I know the NRA has to move the meeting around the country, but there are many other places where we could carry while attending an NRA meeting! Where next, Boston?

Shootin' Buddy

Weer'd Beard said...

Hey, if you get your carry permit for Mass (no small feat) you can carry anywhere but schools, post offices, and other federal buildings.

No binding signage, no odd alcohol stipulations, no town preemption.

Not that we have it good here, but at least I'm armed and still following the law.

Anonymous said...

Weer'd, yes, but where to gain LE support for my Class A?

Any advice for a non-resident obtaining a Mass. Class A?

I might even go back to Boston Commons after the beat down I took in '07.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

It would appear I broke numerous laws the last time I went to NC for a training class.

Sorry...well maybe not!


Keads said...

Oh, the venue (Time Warner Cable Arena) for the NRA gathering has a "no firearms" rule. FYI

Weer'd Beard said...

Shootin' Buddy. Its actually more-or-less "Shall Issue" to get a non-res Mass LTC A, as its issued by the state Police rather than the local town, and they generally don't feel the need to get into partisan games. Just need an NRA Basic Pistol Diploma, $100, the goofy paperwork. I'm not sure how they handle the prints and photo junk, as that's all done on computer these days.

The Catch? Expires in 1 year.

Yep, bastards the lot of them.

Geodkyt said...


There is ALSO a NC state law banning carry in the venue. . .

atlharp said...


My home state carry laws suck. Yet, for the record you can carry. Just be careful, and for the record, most people don't give a crap where you carry just as long as you are not a douche bag about it. If you do carry in Charlotte, make sure you bring a spare mag. There is a criminal element there.

Keads said...


If a property has a sign saying "no firearms" in this state it has precedence even if you were able to otherwise carry under the general statutes. Why? Because it is the law concerning CCW here.

Yes, there are several other things under the law preventing carry in the venue, (such as paid admission to a event, serving alcohol, etc. ) but I chose the most overriding one in this case.
Somewhat of a redundant point, but thanks for playing!


I concur. Yes our laws are pretty prohibitive, and most students coming for the CCW class say "Crap, I can't carry anywhere!" (I too was born and raised in the Tar Heel State)

But you can carry, and there are more rural areas here that are very relaxed. I agree that if you are comporting yourself appropriately you will have very little problems. Except if you do inadvertently flash a gun under a jacket that gets observed in a grocery store with soccer mom and then you have a "man with a gun" call. Even then it generally goes OK.

Oh, Charlotte has a criminal element? That's like saying there might be some small collection of saltwater east of Wilmington, LOL!

Geodkyt said...

And Keads, if the facility is public owned (as I believe these facilities ARE, then carry is prohibited, EVEN IF they do not post a sign, are not serving alcohol, are not charging admission, etc.

Whereas a pure signage prohibition could be overridden by simply taking down teh sign, a prohibition based on public ownership cannot.

Thus it is the most SIGNIFICANT issue.

WV: cystem. n. "A non-functional and pustulant group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole"

Example: "The Social Security Cystem is broken, and has been from its inception."

Keads said...


I am not a lawyer and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. The facility is public owned and I concede your point. But any way you slice it, no heaters in the Arena

netfotoj said...

If you're from any of the 32 states on the NC DOJ Reciprocity Concealed Carry list, you got the same rights to carry as the rest of us Tar Heels, limited as it may be.

C'mon down!