Monday, April 12, 2010

More Knob Creek pics:

The crowd was decent, although it didn't seem quite the crushing, seething mass of humanity that it was in October.


Some reenactors were set up, complete with tent and deuce-and-a-half. They had a Ma Deuce and an M1919 set up on tripods, as well as a 60mm mortar, but the star of the show was the M5 Stuart light tank. This being Knob Creek, I wondered if the 37mm main gun was deactivated, or actually on a Form 4.


Joseph said...

Would the 37mm need a form as long as you used kinetic shells?

shooter said...

What is that around the turret? Looks like a form of reactive armor, or a large heatsink. Could you fill us in?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not but some folks in my neighborhood collect tanks. They've restored a bunch of them - the Stewart, a Sherman, a half track, a command vehicle, etc. Even a couple of amphibious vehicles. Of course they have all the goodies that go with them. It's always funny to see new people driving down the street and stop to stare at the assortment of army vehicles these guys have...

Tam said...


The 37mm would need to be on a Form 4 because it is a "Destructive Device".


Those are either spare track links or "grousers"; the latter are devices used to give the tracks better traction in deep mud or snow.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, because it is over .50 and of militree calibre which renders it Title II.

Shooter, think of crampons for tank feet. :-)

Anon, yes, it is unusual. Two of the biggest AFV collectors in the world are within a short drive of Tam. Always funny to see tanks tooling down Indiana roads and see traffic instantly slow.

Shootin' Buddy

Kristophr said...

The 37mm AP rounds themselves do not require a form 4, but the cannon itself ( specifically, the breach ring ) does.

37mm HE rounds ( if you can find them ... rare birds ) do need individual form 4s.

If I owned a Stuart, I would damned will Form 4 the cannon.

How much did he want for the MG42?

Tam said...

I didn't pay much attention to the price tag, since it was a post sample.

Ed Foster said...

We have an early (rivited) Stuart locally, along with a self-propelled 105mm and a Belgian armored car of some Panhardish persuasion.

It's fun to hit the gunshops along firearms alley (The Berlin Turnpike).

Anonymous said...

M-5 Stuart, Chi-com Crusher! (The Bear of Kinmen)

NotClauswitz said...

I think a deuce-and-a-half would be a cool ride with the top down.

alex. said...

Just got back myself; had a great time. Camping was much more better than my last show, Spring 2007, as the rain-gods took a break this go-round. The crowd on Saturday was pretty solid, and you couldn't swing a cat at the night shoot, so all is right in the world. Plus, I got shirts for my bride and the kids, so everybody is happy!

Will said...

That Stuart looks like a fun toy. Especially if that gun works. Reminded me of this:

From Wiki:
Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50 “Ontos”

Mr. Fred Ropkey, owner of the Ropkey Armor Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana owns the first prototype T165, a later model Ontos and a parts machine.

Very impressive seeing it destroy a multi-story building with a single broadside, at night. And the backblast from all six was almost as impressive!

I've always thought the Ontos was a neat little weapon system. Should be brought back and updated. Might be better than the HMMVEE.