Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party.

The Indianapolis Tea Party starts at five today, so that after you've finished earning money for The Man, Coppertop, you can go down to the statehouse and tell him what you think about it.

Various wannabe vote-suckers will have booths set up at three p.m., just in case you'd like to go early and get lied to face-to-face.

Joanna will be there, cleverly disguised as a hippie via the ruse of riding a bicycle.

I'm toying with the idea of attending myself, and I never go to marches, rallies, or protests, but I'm feeling a little fed up these days, y'know? That's the thing about these Tea Parties that the media is completely missing out on: You can get college students to riot over anything, but when you've got Ma and Pa Kettle so pissed off that they manage to squeeze in some amateur sign-carrying and protest-chanting between a hard day at work and picking up the kids from soccer practice, you have wakened a sleeping giant, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Joanna=>Undercover Blogger, which is like Undercover Brother but she has less hair and knows Krav Maga, not kung fu.

Shootin' Buddy

alath said...

Tea Party? Isn't that the racist mob that's angry because the President is black? Pretty sure I saw something on the news about that.

Bram said...

I think Morristown, NJ is happening on the square (where Washingtom & Hamilton used to tilt a few back and plan on killing tyrants) at mid-day. I will take a ride down there at lunch.

Tam said...

There's nothing the media hates more than things that become popular without their blessing.

Screw them. They're yesterday's news and they know it. I wouldn't give a bucket of warm piss for the future of MSNBC and the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

How about two buckets and a malfunctioning AR-7?

Shootin' Buddy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'd love to be there, but I'll be up the street in the cathedral-looking building at North and Illinois tonight.

Give 'em hell for me.

Joanna said...

You should totally come because it will be awesome and you'll be able to look back and say "Yeah, I went to one of those", which'll make for good stories when we're huddled around the central stove in the bunkhouse behind the barbed wire [strike that, replace with 'talking over coffee' - ed.]. I have an extra sign if you want it. And some buttons.

Unknown said...

The Ma and Pa Kettle allusion reminds me of a cartoon from long ago. Picture the man with beard, robe and religious warning sign. In that cartoon the sign read, "Jesus is coming, and boy, is he pissed."


Anonymous said...

"You can get college students to riot over anything, but when you've got Ma and Pa Kettle so pissed off that they manage to squeeze in some amateur sign-carrying and protest-chanting between a hard day at work and picking up the kids from soccer practice, you have wakened a sleeping giant, my friend."

Y'know, I can see Sarah delivering that line at the D.C. T-Party rally today in exactly the snarky scornful style with which it was written.

I don't think she's the future, but she's a pretty good present; all she needs is you as a writer.


2yellowdogs said...

Yeah, I'll be attending my first protest at the St. Louis tea party to day, too. Who'd a thunk it, right? Before the Dear Leader took office, the only thing that would get me this riled up would have been a sale on ammo, a new Nikon lens announcement or the smell of BBQ.

Boat Guy said...

Here in Colorado our Tea Parties tend toward mid day; folks take their lunch break to attend. Besides the older folk and the great stay-at-home parents (we seem to have a refreshingly good percentage of them here) I've seen lots of ID-badge lanyards and work shirts with company names on them - the folks who will be going BACK to work afterwards.
The last one I went to, I figure I was representing about a dozen other folks in the office who didn't go. A LOT of them ARE going today.

Sarah said...

I've been to a couple of Tea Parties. It's really something that one should not miss because there's something very, very reassuring about being around so many other people who are just as unsettled, pissed off, etc. as you are...about the same things, no less.

Caleb said...

"A malfunctioning AR-7".

Do they make any other kind of AR-7?

Tam said...

"Do they make any other kind of AR-7?"

Not since about 1973.

Crucis said...

Mrs. Crucis and I are going to the bigger KC Tea Party held at a local baseball stadium. We're taking friends along too---a friend from church and my wife's cousin and her hubby.

Gate's open a 3PM, party continues until 9PM.

Drang said...

I was going to suggest wearing the Blackwater cap, but, um, maybe not...

Still, at last year's event in Seattle there were lots of guys with logos like Larue and so forth, a little more discrete.

Take a camera. Take a camcorder of you have one.

Email reports of "crashers" to

Wookie suiters are more than welcome; Larouchies less so.

And getting me involved in something like this was almost as momentous an occasion as getting Tam involved this year; I guess I'm just an early adopter...

wv: unicagge. One cell for all of us? Hope it has good plumbing...

Trebor said...

It wasn't a Tea Party, but I was at the Michigan Second Amendment March on Tuesday. This is one of the state marches leading up to the big 2A March on D.C. next Monday.

Here's a link to my article on the Michigan march.

Rob (Trebor)

atlharp said...

My local one here was fun. We got about 450 people there and we were all riled up at Congress and Barry for Health Care and for them taking our money and trying to refund it to us with government cheese. Regardless, these things are important. The people need to stand up and be heard. Politicians should know there is price to pay when they write us off. Besides, I got to wear my old Sore-Loserman 2000 shirt again!

Anonymous said...

'Take a camera. Take a camcorder of you have one."

Hell with that!
Take a torch, take a pitchfork!
Take some rope, tar, feathers and a rail.

I wonder if you showed up dragging a fence rail if anyone would understand the what you were up to?

"Officer I was on my way home from shopping at TSC when I saw the crowd."


Anonymous said...

wait, shooting buddy, are you implying that there are AR-7's that work??

WV: leadabl

Crucis said...

Just an update from the KC Tea Party. It was held in KC's minor league baseball stadium. It was almost full except for the ends of the right and left field "wings." Since it held 6,000 max according to local media outlets, I'd estimate attendance at greater than 5,000.

The gates opened at 3PM and the party continued until after 9PM. The organizers checked all signs at the gate and said they would not allow "controversial" signs in. I didn't see any not allowed inside.

There was one infiltrator. He was quickly caught and taken to one of the radio booths who were broadcasting at the Tea Party. Darla Jay, KMBZ-980, interviewed this character. I watched for awhile. He kept looking over his should at all the men wearing VN Vet, NRA (me), Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy baseball hats that watched the interview throughout. After the interview, he was escorted out by a couple of local cops.

There were a lot of cops present. I talked to the lead sergeant and asked him what he thought. He said it was great. He personally was on the field and had a front row seat.

Observations. Unlike the last three TPs I've attended, the average age of this one was much younger. Previously, I'd estimate the average age as being in the late 30s. This time, I would drop 10 years off that estimate. It may be that KU in Lawrence, KS was only 15 minutes away via I-70.

Great speakers---two were black clergy. BO's white cousin, a KC family physician, spoke out against Obamacare. Keynote speaker was Apostle Claver ( from Texas.

Hope y'all attended one and had as great a time as we did.