Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For your reading pleasure...

Matt Bracken, author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, the most tightly-written, plausible, and readable book of its growing genre, has a lengthy sample of his new project, Castigo Cay, up for your perusal.

I'll be reading the sample as soon as I'm done with Corpse in Armor. (It says "A Thriller" right on the cover, and it's not kidding: Thirteen pages to your first dead body, and things don't exactly slow down from there...)

(H/T to WRSA.)


Turk Turon said...

Enemies Foreign And Domestic sounds fascinating, but the first sentence in the book is a little off-putting: "Two hundred miles south of the stadium at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, thirty year old Brad Fallon sat alone in the tool-strewn cabin of..."

Is the stadium at the bottom of the Chesapeake, or is his cabin at the bottom of the Chesapeake?

It has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon; I'll probably read it.

MIguel said...

You know this book is gonna end up with lots of drama & death... A Venezuelan woman? They are all nuts and psychos... I dated enough of them and almost married one.

cryptical said...

Thanks for the mention of A Corpse in Armor. Got the book (thanks Amazon Prime) and just got done reading it. Great thriller, nonstop action throughout the book that caused me to stay up an hour later than normal just to finish it.