Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you need a 3-9x scope to draw a bead on your own foot?

NRA touts Kansas suppressor victory on their Facebook page.

Some posters there, who presumably don't have suppressors on their duck guns, object.

On a related note, if you take the noise suppressor off your car and put it on your gun, you can get a federal prison sentence and a traffic citation!

Someone needs to explain to these Bubbas and Cletii that a can is basic safety equipment, whether it's on your weed-whacker or your Walther.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Cletii? I LIKE IT!

Chris Rhines said...

I shouldn't have read those comments. Now I'm going to be pissed off for the rest of the day...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Reminds me of the story about the Assault Weapons Ban Legislation in the 90's. Some Yellow Dog Democrat Congress Critter was all for it (so that he could stay on the good side of the Clintons and keep those earmarks flowing to his district, of course). But when his NRA Hunting Buddy pointed out that he"d have to give up his favorite weapon, the Yellow Dog said "But that's not an Assault Rifle, that's my Turkey Gun!".

"Bubbas to the Left of Me, Cletii's to the Right, stuck in the middle with you..."

Kristopher said...
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Sarah said...

If it's good for thee, it's good for me.

Unless we're talking about OMG SILENCERS, because Hollywood taught me that only outlaw assassins and the mafia use those.


Kristopher said...

They may be antis doing some trolling.

Smart antis always lie and claim to be a hunter before they start their anti-gun spew.

An Ordinary American said...

Agreed. The Anti-gunners and Brady Bunch are always on the trolling paths. Interjecting confusion and dividing the group is a favorite and inexpensive tactic.

Damned effective one too.

Here's a tactic I've employed whenever approached by such people arguing for "sensible gun control" legislation:


Nothing in this world like watching a hardcore Liberal standing in front of you with their mouth opening and closing, but silently, with big round eyes.

Kinda looks like a goldfish right before the catfish gulps him.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure insulting hunters made them see the light. Way to go, I'm impressed!

Tam said...

Who's insulting hunters?

I hunt. Everybody I know hunts.

I'm insulting idiots.

If the shoe doesn't fit, quit trying to stuff your foot in it. If it does, on the other hand...

JohnW said...

Shouldn't the plural of Bubba be Bubbae?

theirritablearchitect said...

That article is from the Lawrence Journal-World.

That's Lawrence.

As in, Moscow on the Kaw.

Lived there for five years, and I can, on a clear day, still see Frasier Hall from just down the street from my front door. And it's a big dump of Liberal-covered shit, wrapped around an otherwise neat town.

The fact that a bunch of poseurs-as-humans don't care so much for suppressors doesn't surprise me in the least. It also doesn't surprise me when I tell the muddle-heads in that town that one of their favorite druggie, drunk, writer sons was an avid pistol shooter, and willing to tell everyone about it, too.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

A suppressor is a set of earplugs that is mounted on the gun.

Laurence Heffay said...

100 years ago today the item which id well on its way to replace "dog" as "man's best friend" was adopted by the US Army and yet you're talking about Kansas and other political fluff? Poppycock!

Jason said...

The Cletii - A Germanic tribe who, according to Tacitus, gave up their nomadic ways and settled in Pannonia. To prove their desire to no longer wander the lands beyond the Rhine, they placed all their chariots and wagons upon intricately molded blocks.

This may also be how the Romans "invented" concrete, too.

Linoge said...

Whether they are the ones writing the comments or not, you can bloody well bet theywill be all over them like stink on gos-se if the question of actually unregulating silencers ever comes up.

*sigh* With "friends" like these, who needs the Brady Bunch?

Anonymous said...

Lawrence, Kansas is a nice little college town with a large population of hippies who suffer from PCRS - 'Permanent Chafed Rectum Syndrome'. They may not look like your red-ass Mandrill to the untrained eye, but they always act like your cranky baboon. Many things you or I might think is a good idea these goobers will resent. They'll object, fling their feces, hoot in unison, march in protest and basically annoy the working folks for 50 miles in all directions.
Luckily, they're mostly a weedy crew. Just produce some salty snacks or cheese danish and they can be lured into cattle trucks and shipped over to Missouri and put to work on chain gangs, or shipped up to Iowa where they become wily Ioweeners. No longer my problem. Win Win!