Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Overheard in the Hallway:

RX: "Oh my gawd, they've ruined the Bond franchise! Daniel Craig is appearing in drag to raise awareness for International Women's Day!"

Me: "He's still a better Bond than R..."

RX: "You'd better not say 'Roger Moore'! He was handsome!"

Me: "Daniel Craig in a dress is butcher than Roger Moore in a tux."

RX: "Ewwww!!!"


North said...

Sean all the way. That is the Bond that I would want to be.

'Remington Steele' for the looks, though.

Tam said...

Unlike Roger Moore, Daniel Craig can throw a convincing punch, and looks like he's taken a couple in his time, too.

TheMinuteman said...

The response was "Ewwwww!!!" because she knew you were right.

Roger Moore was the worst freaking Bond out of all them, Timothy Dalton is a very close second for last place.

Craig I think has done a fantastic job so far, though I don't think he can beat Connery for first.

Themadlemming said...

I think Daniel Craig brings a harder edge to the character, which I like. I think Pierce Brosnan did a better suave Bond, but by the time he jumped on board, that continuity had pretty much been played out.

Boyd K said...

Yeah a harder edge that, in his personal life, is anti gun.

Themadlemming said...

Aren't most of 'em?

North said...

I liked the Brosnan movies up until the one done with Halle Berry. Can't stand her.

If Halle Berry were any more full of herself, she would be a Klein bottle.

Mossyrock said...

Roger Moore was a fop....worst Bond ever. Connery was the best, but Craig is a 99% solution.

Cargosquid said...

You are sooooo right. The only cool thing in the Roger Moore movies was the boat chase in "Live and Let Die."

What we need now is a "Mitch Rapp" movie.

WV: terfskey - grass whiskey?

Tam said...

Boyd K,

"Yeah a harder edge that, in his personal life, is anti gun."


I probably disagree about a lot of things with lots of people I do business with every day.

Guffaw in AZ said...

You're forgetting the great George Lazenby!
Earlier Connery was great, but by 'Diamonds...', his toupe was much too visible.
And Brosnan looked good, but had no shoulders!
And, Moore was just playing 'the Saint' in a different venue.

Mike W. said...

heh, my roomie & I were discussing Bond's last night.

Roger Moore was downright awful.

Anonymous said...

At least he is a very convincing Bond.Connery was the best.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

An anti-gun Brit? Well that's a notable eccentricity for the UK /sarcasm

og said...

having read the books before I saw any of the movies, I think Craig has the "Real" bond down pretty well, he's a prick, which is what the books portray Bond as. But he's an actor and a pretty boy. Lots of Calvin Klein ads with guys who have gorgeous bodies and chiseled jaws too. Most real operators remind one more of Russel Johnson than Daniel Craig.

Anonymous said...

I rather liked Casino Royal, with David Niven.

Joanna said...

International Women's Day? Is that what the e-mail from Jean-Luc was about?

Besides, I thought Women's Day was last month.

Tam said...


While Craig is handsome, it's not the kind of underwear model handsome that too many actors have. (Like Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton...)

Much like, say, Russell Crowe, he looks like he may have actually been punched in the nose. This is a trend I heartily endorse: I prefer my action heroes to look as though they are more familiar with boxing gloves than bikini waxes. ;)

og said...

"Casino Royal, with David Niven"

James Bond: License to Suck. Didn't Alan Smithee direct that one?

og said...

"I prefer my action heroes to look as though they are more familiar with boxing gloves than bikini waxes. ;)"

Me too, but possibly for different reasons. Why I've always been more of a fan of Jason Statham than, for instance, Michael Madsen, who always portrays tough guys but could probably be taken out by a strong fart. Statham has actually lived in a hard world, was a black marketeer and a mixed martial artist. I always liked Jean Reno, too, though it also seemse like indigestion would cripple him.

og said...

Looking at a picture, it never dawned on me before that Stathams nose is like that. I also have most of my nose on the left side of my face, the result of a guy with a hard fast left hook.

WV: Fanter. Banter of fans.

Stretch said...

The best Bonds were the Celts; Connery and Brosnan.
Craig has what I call the "Putin Look." That "Don't f**k with me" look that can and will be backed up with lethal action.
Moore and Dalton seemed to enjoy playing the role more than the others.
Lazenby got to wed Mrs. Peel. I hate him!

Midwest Chick said...

You're right Tam. Moore was a pansy and Craig is man enough to pull off drag (if that makes any sense). Craig's scripts are more true to the books, which I find to be a plus.

Best Bonds:
Connery (naturally)
Lazenby (he got a sucky script)

Ken said...

Moore was not much of a James Bond, but fFolkes was a heck of an underrated movie.

"I suppose you're one of those chaps who does the Times crossword puzzle in ten minutes."

"I have never taken ten minutes."

aczarnowski said...

It must be a brit thing. Like Dr. Who, your first Doctor is the one you compare everyone else against.

I like Craig for Casino Royal. Quantum of Solace was two steps back unfortunately.

The Raving Prophet said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. It comes down to what kind of Bond you like.

Craig is the badass Bond. He's dark, he has a past, he's a stone cold killa, yo.

Dalton had that Bond with an edge thing too, but he wasn't quite the violent near-sociopath Craig puts forth. He has his demons but he keeps on.

Brosnan didn't seem to carry the emotional baggage, but he didn't go to the other extreme and go full silly. He was a romantic ladies' man, but his Bond was a spy, not a comedian.

Moore was the goofball Bond. He takes the fun aspect of Connery's Bond, ratchets it up to 11, and puts his mack on the ladies.

Connery had more fun to him than the Craig/Dalton Bonds, but he still was all business when it was time to take care of the business. Something of the widest range here, it seems to me, and that's why he's often the most beloved Bond- he had something for everyone.

Personally, I think they all have their place. I probably enjoy the Moore and Brosnan movies the best, with Connery, then Dalton, then Craig. I really loved Craig's Bond the first time I saw his movies, but I just didn't like them enough to watch them for the nth time like I can Connery, Moore, or Brosnan.

LabRat said...

^ What Raving Prophet said.

I also make a distinction between the movies (and what direction they went, the quality of the writing, so forth) and the Bond; I thought Timothy Dalton was a good Bond, but the movies he was in were just incredibly awful, mostly due to the writing. I feel the same way about Craig; I find him compelling as Bond, but find the new movies just unwatchable. I have literally never managed to stay awake all the way through either of them. Pierce Brosnan is a middling Bond, but I like the movies he was in the most for their mix of fun and action.

All that said, James freaking Bond can only have his masculinity diminished by an actual sex change.

Mike W. said...

"I prefer my action heroes to look as though they are more familiar with boxing gloves than bikini waxes. ;)"

Personally I'd prefer that my female action heroes be familiar with bikini waxes, and waxing in general.

Murphy's Law said...

Craig stunk up Casino Royale so bad that the Bond character is all but dead to me now.

Connery was the man, and even Moore was better than Craig.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sean Connery...
Anyone remember Zardoz?

North said...

I take Zardoz to stay asleep.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I agree, Stretch, re: Mrs. Peel.
(she was the first pic I posted on my blog!) Lazenby, right after OHMSS, trained with Bruce Lee...would he have been something?
Some gun mag a while back listen ALL the JB actors as anti-gun.

Dwight Brown said...

Anonymous 4:08:

Not only are there some people who remember Zardoz, there are even people who have recently subjected themselves to Zardoz in the name of science!. Or something like that anyway.

Anonymous said...

Casino Royale, directed by Val Guest, Ken Hughes, also with Peter Sellers, and Woody Allen, with David Niven as James Bond, predicted that in the future, everyone would be James Bond, but perhaps only for 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Ian Fleming was said to have modeled Bond on Niven, and mentioned him twice his books.

staghounds said...

Sorry, he's taken.

Robin said...

Daniel Craig isn't bad but I still think Sean Bean should have been given the franchise instead of just being a villain opposite Brosnan.

loren said...

Can't forgive Craig for rolling the AM. Yeah I know he wasn't with in a 1000 clicks at the time but Jeez a brand new AM.

Heath J said...

All of the beautiful actresses were wasted on Moore. Bach, Seymour, Bouquet... Wow.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Craig is appearing in drag

...Takes some balls...


Anonymous said...

There was, is, and can only ever be, one James Bond.

And his initials are S.C.


wolfwalker said...

Brosnan more resembles the Bond of the novels, but in the movies, it's Connery first, last, and only. Everyone else is an also-ran.

Then again, it's also true that the Bond films were only good spy/action thrillers for about the first three installments. Thunderball was noticeably down in quality. After that they wandered into 'action camp,' and never found their way back out.

Anonymous said...

Connery was first and best, but I've always thought that Dalton was close to what Fleming had in mind for Bond in looks.

With regard to Moore, I agree that he was the worst Bond (I don't count Lazenby), but I blame this on the writers rather than Moore, who had the cold, ruthless "I have no problem AT ALL killing you for Queen and country" attitude for his first couple of films. Sadly, as with some of the later Connery films, the writers decided to try to make Bond more campy: he'd kill bad guys, but it had almost the same air of seriousness of Moe hitting Curly with a hammer. Contrast Bond killing Dent in "Dr. No" ("... you've had your six.") with Bond killing Kanaga in "Live and Let Die" ("He always did have an inflated opinion of himself.").

When I first saw Craig, I was flabbergasted: BOND AIN'T BLONDE! Bah...

John B said...

Saw the YouTube Video.
Agree with the premise.
Put on some Red Lipstick,
I'd have a go!

I always had a fatal weakness for Rugged looking Blondes.

Though they're usually women!

Anonymous said...

You know what? I'm now convinced that the Word Verification thing is scanning nouns in the OP to find a fitting password. Seriously. I mean, 'femette'?? I can't not post here with a WV like that.

It's a sinister plot, (and all plots are automatically sinister,) to keep me from work!


Grayson said...

I'm in agreement with Cargosquid.

Bond's days are done... and it is now time for Mitch Rapp to step up to the battle line.

Besides, any man who can call up an Iranian government minister and announce, "I'm coming to kill you, you fucker" would leave Bond unconcious, bleeding in a dark alley, and probably tagged with a booby trapped land mine.
Rapp doesn't do anything halfway.

Marja said...

So, how about that 'Bond as gay' remark Craig is supposed to have made? (I was feeling too lazy to try to check whether it's true...)

About Bond and gay, by the way, while I'd hate a gay Bond (bisexual with a preference for women might, on the other hand, do...) I have always been a bit intrigued by the question whether Bond would be willing to pretend to be gay if the only way to get some vital information were to seduce a gay man... Everything for queen and country, you know :)

Okay, I suppose I do have a bit of that condition which makes some women write slash fiction about male characters, and men to like images of lesbian sex - it can be, er, shall we say interesting, to see or imagine two hot members of the opposite sex doing that without having to endure one of your own sex in the same picture. And for fantasy purposes the fact that lesbians, or gays, really would not choose you for that same activity of course does not matter at all.

Oh well, probably better if 'Bond seducing a gay' will never be filmed, they'd probably end up with something which wouldn't work anyway.

Oh, sorry if I gave some of you the need to use brain leach here :D

Boat Guy said...


Have to agree with "insufferably sanctimonious"
We always have to remember that ALL of these people we love (or hate) on the screen "Lie for a living" they read other people's words and attempt to convince us they are real...

Murphy's Law said...

Here. Roger Moore at his true best.


Anonymous said...

Always thought Connery was best until a buddy said he liked Moore. So, I started watching the Moore/Bond movies. What I liked about them was that Moore seemed to be having fun playing the character. The writing really affects the movie more than the actor - many of the movies, no matter who plays the part, are so campy they become unwatchable. I do like the Daniel Craig flics, tho' I think someone referred to them as little more than "Bourne" rip offs.