Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gotta get down to the big antiwar protest...

...but while I'm waiting for the new mocha-hued repaint job on my giant papier-mâché George Bush head to dry (luckily the big ears were easily repurposed) I'd like to leave you with this charming open letter to the Principled Antiwar Left, which snarks pretty much everything I wanted to snark, and gets in a last boot to the ribs with
P.S. Also, there’s no proof that Qaddafi had anything to do with 9/11.

Meanwhile, apparently Kha... Qa... Gaddafi has rolled out footage of gurneys full of dead human shields, which the media vampires (who, let's not forget, "Remember the Maine!"-ed us into this in the first place) are gleefully rebroadcasting, since Libyan State Propaganda TV doesn't have the signal strength to get its message out unaided. Thanks to advanced seeker technology, our bombs seem to home in unerringly on women, children, and Imam O'Flanagan from the Needy Orphans' Ministry.

Hey, CNN, since this war was half your idea in the first place, can't you at least go 72 hours before switching sides?

(H/T to Borepatch.)


perlhaqr said...

Has the UN started denouncing our Imperialist Attacks yet?

Anonymous said...

/crickets from the usual suspects.

The schadenfreude is rich.


Odysseus said...

I know that we haven't historically needed an act of war to kick Libya all the way to the shores of Tripoli, but I though that was all supposed to be before Obama redeemed us from the sins of our "imperialism". Despite what he may think the UN is not our legislative body.

Borepatch said...

"Oppressing your own people" sure is a popular category if we're going to treat it as casus belli for shooting up hospitals and orphans.

Fortunately, there's the UN Security Council to whittle the list down to "people Progressives don't like, except for the ones willing to bribe their way out."

Sure glad we got rid of Chimpy McHitlerBurton and regained our higher moral ground.

BadIdeaGuy said...

Who said it? Fill in the blanks. I guess the first five words probably are a dead giveaway...

"Now let me be clear — I suffer no illusions about ________. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied UN resolutions, thwarted UN inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity.

He’s a bad guy. The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better off without him.

But I also know that ______ poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors, that the ______ economy is in shambles, that the ______ military a fraction of its former strength, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history."


Marja said...

Well, there is no way your country can do anything right. You interfere it's wrong, you don't interfere it's wrong, you send aid it's wrong (goes to wrong people or something), you don't send aid it's very wrong and you are selfish bastards (but then you guys are selfish bastards anyway). You probably really should start doing things only in your own interest, that's what you will be accused of anyway no matter what you do (if you can elect people smart enough for that). There is no way you could please the rest of the world (or your own lefties, it looks like).

And that conclusion is based on what I read from local papers (local for me = Finland).

Comrade Misfit said...

So, have you seen this photo?

Kaiser Wilhelm II supposedly said that Germany's mistake was engaging in a two-front war. We've now got three...

Tam said...

You mean we finally came up with an exit strategy for Kosovo?

Thank heavens, else we'd be overtasked for sure.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Glad to see that Production has started on "BlackHawk Down #2- From the Shores of Tripoli". Or does B.Hussein Nobama have enough time left in Office to beat the Peanut Farmer's 444 day record?

Anonymous said...

Damn that Darth Biden for making the hippies cry!


John Hardin said...

...Germany's mistake was engaging in a two-front war.

Where those two fronts were on opposite sides of the home country.

Fortunately all of our fronts are overseas.

perlhaqr said...

You mean we finally came up with an exit strategy for Kosovo?



Man, and re: my first post in this thread and the reaction of the League of Arabs (or whatever the fuck they're called), I thought I was joking. See what I get for trying to be stranger than reality?

Joe in PNG said...

Comrade Misfit said: Kaiser Wilhelm II supposedly said that Germany's mistake was engaging in a two-front war.

In reality, German's biggest mistake of WW1 was Kaiser Wilhelm II...

(Really, Bismark should have arranged some sort of accident for the kid...)

Tam said...

Joe in PNG,

Heck, without Kaiser Bill, it isn't a certainty there would have been a WWI.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, CNN, since this war was half your idea in the first place, can't you at least go 72 hours before switching sides?"



og said...

Did you get your fair share of abuse? or even get your scrip filled?

Things just ain't like they was.

John A said...

Marja, "if you can elect people smart enough" - There are some, but even most of those are more interested in getting the next election (or money).

And the others can seen smart in a strange way. Our President, following the lead of J. Kerry, recently proposed that oil companies which are not drilling on land they lease from the government, mostly because the government will not allow access (a road mught destroy an ant nest) nor actually issue a permit to use the land that way, should be fined for not drilling. Brilliant!

Comrade Misfit said...

Otto Bismarck was a pretty savvy gent.

"One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans."

Tam is probably right; if Germany continued to be led by men with Bismarck's vision, there likely would not have been a Great War. But that is what happens when a country uses the "inbred defectives" system of determining who leads it.


Tam said...

Comrade Misfit,

Jessie Woodrow and Joseph Wilson were not either related!

Ian Argent said...

It was my understanding Kaiser Billy did unto Bismarck before Bismarck could do unto him.

If this ends up in the inbox of an enterprising time traveller, howzabout running in a competent OB doc into the birthing chamber of the eventual Kaiser Billy - one who won't cripple the poor kid.

global village idiot said...

"people Progressives don't like, except for the ones willing to bribe their way out."

You mean all the millions paid out to celebrities to entertain the KhagaheaQhaedaffis?

Now THERE'S bloody gratitude!

Trouble must have been the accounting. Entered it under "charitable donations" rather than "bribes."


Anonymous said...

"...and Imam O'Flanagan from the Needy Orphans' Ministry". Thank you so much, Tam. Reading that was the best laugh I had in a few weeks.


P.S.: Captcha - isobbeg. As in "I sob for our once great country, and beg any deity listening for a reprieve from what will soon occur".