Thursday, March 10, 2011

Solidarity forever!

In what is described as one of the largest demonstrations at the state capitol in 15 years, as many as 20,000 8,000 Hoosier union workers were spontaneously issued matching t-shirts and professionally printed grassroots signs, then given the day off work and voluntarily bussed to Indianapolis where they demanded more jobs for Georgians, Alabamans, and Tennesseans.

These people will not rest until they have successfully chased every manufacturing job out of the Rust Belt!


Justthisguy said...

Here in FL, the unionized (un-ionized) gummint parasites are complaining about Governor Scott's plans to encourage the development of actual productive private jobs and fire some of their parasite asses.

The teachers' union president here is the same one they had when they went out on strike in 1967. I mostly didn't notice that then, because most of my teachers were scabs. (I took hard classes)

barca@Israel said...

This step is really a serious one. But it shows that people do not trust the government any more and are eager to take care of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Issues are a bit different in Indiana as Indiana bars unions for government employees.

The issue in Indiana is its prevailing wage law which was passed in '95, in better economic times and under a Democrat Gov. (Evan Bayh, son of Birch), as a bone to the unions after the Chamber of Commerce signaled that they would not fight.

Shootin' Buddy

mongo78 said...

There is no stupid like union stupid.

Buckeye Copperhead said...

If these maggots got money for signs and t-shirts, they got some money that can go toward their health insurance premiums.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

None dare call it fascism.

Anonymous said...

I welcome the jobs they are chasing to AL as I could use one after two weeks of being unemployed.
Not that I'll be looking to see 'Union Made' on the label when I get one but thanks none the less, morons.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Guberment unions looking out for their members jobs and wages.

I have a real problem when these same folks can't see the piggybank is empty.

It would appear they would rather have 20% of their members laid off then pony up 20% more from their paychecks.

So much for union brotherhood.


NotClauswitz said...

I learned a new word today: Goonion.

Anonymous said...

"I have no problem with Guberment unions looking out for their members jobs and wages."

On Mitch Daniels first day of office he issued an executive order making government unions

Private union membership in Indiana is 8%.

The union members today in downtown Indianapolis were shipped in from Illinois, Missouri and Michigan.

The stink in Indiana, disregarding Terre Haute, is the prevailing wage and the teachers unions' collective bargaining.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

The ones they were interviewing were genuine Hoosier union members working for the last GM facilities and steel mills in Indiana.

They'll get the Fort Wayne GM plant closed yet!

Sigivald said...

A non-Union job is not a job at all, if you're a union organizer.

og said...

"The ones they were interviewing were genuine Hoosier union members "

probably were given a list of names. A Bloomington local affiliate was going to interview me for a story in $randomillinoistown until they found out I wasn't from there.

Anonymous said...

or·gan·iz·er  [awr-guh-nahy-zer]


1. a person who organizes, especially one who forms and organizes a group.
2. a person whose job is to enlist employees into membership in a union.
3. a person with a distaste for work but strong taste for money, power, and control...and is clueless as to the relationship of the former to the latter.

Okay, I added number three, but one and two are the top defs at and mine is just a restatement of them.

God, how I have come to hate that word and the incredible irony that it implies.


Old NFO said...

They truly do not understand that they are going to lose EVERYTHING... Bright side, housing prices will drop, because of all the foreclosures of the former union members houses.