Monday, March 07, 2011

File under "No, for real?"

  • Lady Gaga is apparently unaware of the fact that the latter half of her nom de yawp predates her act by a considerable margin and has other meanings beyond "egomaniacal pop star". Perhaps she can use her rock star money to buy a time machine and launch suits against everybody from Hanna-Barbera to the maker of Go GaGa diaper bags.

  • Hamid Karzai puts his foot down. There will be no more accidentally killing civilians while trying to kill people who kill civilians on purpose. Or something.


Bram said...

Is she going to sue Freddie Mercury?

North said...

Bram beat me to it. First I heard of her I thought of Radio Gaga.

Anonymous said...

"Karzai to Petraeus: Apologies are not enough."

Cash. Lots of cash (for Hamid Karzai not the families) - that would be enough. The man is a patriot.

Joshkie said...

Tam -

You leave Lady Gaga alone. She trying to do her part for the economy by keeping lawers in business.

Next you will be calling for Tort Reform or something.


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the terrorists (not being part of a recognized military, not having a recognized chain of command, not wearing uniforms) are civilians.

We had the same problem in Mindinao, the Phillipines. The local Muslims fought with noncombatant women and children at their left elbow, so shelling them with 40mm cannon tended to cause casualties to non-combatants.

The question is: whose fault is it? When combatants mix themselves with non-combatants, they do not thereby gain protection, rather they remove protection from the non-combatants. 'Da Rulz' are written that way so that no combatant has incentive to seek protection by mixing with noncombatants.

Anonymous said...

Karzai is upset?

For thousands of years Quakers tribesmen mounted on rugged mountain unicorns, swept down the passes of Afghanistan to preach pacifism and cooperation with their neighbors.

I can see why Karzai would be upset with this unusual violence among his people.


Sabra said...

Read somewhere Lady Gaga actually named herself after that song. Which hints to me that she really doesn't get it. Or that she's an evil genius. But I'm going with the first idea.

Pathkiller said...

Mr.Karzai needs to be told that any more American servicemens deaths are no longer acceptable.

Joseph said...

Karzai is playing to the home audience. I don't think he'll stay in power for 6 mos. once the western troops pull out.