Thursday, September 08, 2011

They're all out to get me...

There's a certain kind of high-functioning crazy that a lot of folks don't realize is walking among us.

The slightly smelly guy at work who doesn't socialize very well and seems a little obsessed with conspiracy theories; the neighbor who watches everyone stroll past on the sidewalk intently through the blinds and woe betide the dogwalker whose pooch strays onto the sacred greensward; the lady who glares at you and scribbles furiously in a notebook when you have the gall to park in a spot she was considering parking in herself.

Maybe these people are just cranky misanthropes like me; maybe the lady is making notes so that she can get home and make fun of you on her blog...

...or maybe they're bugnuts crazy.

Thanks to the internet, it's easy to get a look into the private worlds of people who, er, shall we say, experience reality a little differently than you and I. There's something about a giant virtual whiteboard that makes people want to scrawl graffiti on it (I should know; I spend half my time doing it) and some of that graffiti is just fascinating.

Earlier on this blog we met Texan Geral Sosbee, who is being hounded by the countless minions of the EffaBeeEeye.

Now, thanks to a chance comment at Popehat, I know how they're doing it: Gangstalking.

That's right. It turns out that this is a plan well-developed by governments around the world. That interviewer who didn't hire you? The cashier who rudely laughed at your attempt at conversation? The landlord who informed you that, due to some stupid technicality in the lease, you were being evicted? The guy who cut you off in traffic? They're all part of a systematic government plot to break your will and drive you crazy.

Wow. Just wow.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Et Tu, Tam? YOU are one of them? You are in cahoots with the gummint to oppose my every move?

I think they call the condition "paranoid schizophrenia". But yes, in my day, we'd also use the term "bugnuts crazy" as you so elegantly put.

Tango Juliet said...

I knew it! I knew it!

Stuart the Viking said...

"The slightly smelly guy at work who doesn't socialize very well and seems a little obsessed with conspiracy theories;"

Hey now... I'm not THAT smelly!


Anonymous said...

Owners of cats are frequently infected by Toxoplasma Gondii, a protozoan that causes Schizophrenia.

Feline Bugnutz Insanity?

Watch it, ma'am, we got our eyes on you.

Samsam von Virginia

Joseph said...

The need for folks to shift blame for their woes onto others utterly floors me.

rickn8or said...

"people are cranky misanthropes like me."

Oh, don't be silly Tam. NOBODY is a cranky misanthrope like The Mistress of Snark. It's one of many things we admire about you.

Anonymous said...

.gov trying to drive me crazy?

The voices in my head will have something to say about that!


Just My 2¢ said...

New Jovian Thunderbolt got it right - it's paranoid schizophrenia. My first wife is one... They're certainly high functioning but their universe is only loosely attached to ours. It's always an item of disagreement regarding which universe is Bizzaro World.

Shrimp said...

Actually, it makes perfect sense. The .gov is spending money in the trillions of dollars, and all of those agents of the government don't work for free, you know. I mean, that cashier, for example, was only willing to do it for a new flat screen TV. And the landlord, of course, wanted a new hot tub. Those don't come cheap. Cutting people off in traffic? I do that for free, but do you realize how hard it is to get to the right intersection at exactly the right time every morning, and how many people I have to cut off just to get over three lanes in order to cut off the guy I'm supposed to cut off? It's almost like work...

A vast (right wing, left wing whatever) conspiracy costs money, folks. And the government has been spending plenty lately. Do the math. Put to and too together, you'll see.

Bubblehead Les. said...

For the REAL facts about this Terrifying Threat called "Gangstalking", one should read Robert A. Heinlein's "They" (Street and Smith,1941). Trust No One! ; )


Secret Courts & Armed Judges Wreak Havoc On Targets

The Star Chamber courts of the past centuries now are de facto present with a vengeance (literally) to the United States of America and are being used as a political weapon which allows for actions against opponents to the policies and practices of the corrupt & murderous United States government.
As I have documented, secret hearings are now held between the fbi/cia/police/government operatives and the secret courts wherein the judges authorize the use of drugs on or incarceration of the Target based upon fraudulent data in the possession of the fbi (or its CJIS), the police, and other agencies as well as other quasi government groups.

All constitutional rights (and civil as well as human rights) are ignored in the star chamber meetings. The problem for the average citizen is that he has no defense against the rulings of the judges who remain under the control of the predatory and murderous agencies that I have described. Today all states now expand the ability of the secret courts to deliver drugs or directed energy assaults, or incarceration, against a given Target.

See the laws in your states which compare to those in Texas and discover for yourself how this nations’ lawyers and judges abandon all pretense of fairness and human decency in their outrageous and sometimes murderous actions. For example, probate judges in Texas (and their newly empowered associates on the bench) now regularly and with the click of the mouse (and another click for email notices) order the use of so-called ‘psychoactive medications’ against the Target. The victims of these court ordered assaults often have no idea that they are being poisoned with a variety of dangerous drugs, including a *few of which even the judges are unaware. Almost all of the judges are also now allowed to carry concealed handguns to protect against the possible backlash of their abuses (another of which is the handling of some adults, until the age of 21, as juveniles in order to deprive the young adult of constitutional safeguards against summary orders of incarceration/medication).

Meanwhile, the federal representatives in Congress (such as John Cornyn, Lloyd Doggett and Kay Bailey Hutchison) insure that grant money is paid to the states to insure full compliance with the secret rules & star chamber type courts that allow the complete circumvention of the conventional & constitutional protections of the accused or targeted. For supportive data on the above report see some of the links below.

BGMiller said...


Sorta relevant SPAM is sorta relevant.

Or is it part of Their plan?


global village idiot said...

Mr. Sosbee,

I took the liberty of visiting your website just now - in fact, it's up on my screen as I type (I should say right now that I don't hold you personally responsible for the three minutes of my life I'll never get back while looking at it - Tam and I will have to settle up on that in the future).

Anyway, in the first fifteen seconds of scanning your site I noticed a graphic concerning GPS satellites. It's a neat and clever graphic. Underneath is a caption with the following text:
"An animation depicting the orbits of GPS satellites in low earth orbit."

In my professional capacity as a land surveyor, I feel it incumbent upon me to point out that GPS satellites are about 25,000 miles away from the earth. This is not considered "Low Earth Orbit" but "Medium."

A minor quibble, but one worth pointing out.

Your website could use some organization too, if you don't mind my saying so.

Past Master
Griffith Lodge No. 735
F.&A.M. of Indiana

WV rancorst: Between Pique Ave. and Spite Blvd.

Leaddog said...

Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they are not out to get you. - R Nixon 1972

Also, is bugnuts crazy more or less crazy than batshit crazy and how does that compare to nuttier than a pet coon?

wv: swarges - the guys above cworporal?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sosbee:

In future writings/scrivening/scribbling you may wish to investigate the differnce between "insure" and "ensure".

Just a quibble...I certainly don't have the time to waste actually looking at your site.

Best regards for your mental health.

Ancient Woodsman said...

And to think that all this time I thought that a 'misanthrope' was merely the transitional stage of a lycanthrope.


Thanks girls for your obsession with the mundane.
For the mature reader:
The fbi disabled the above Portland Indymedia link because the info therein is relevant & compelling. Here are links to the same report, but at different sites.

Joanna said...

Woodsman: A misanthrope is a lycanthrope who's never been married.

My dad is prone to short bursts of paranoia, particularly in traffic. They don't cross over into "vast conspiracy" territory, but dammit, that car that cut him off in traffic? The driver saw him, no question, and cut him off on purpose. Probably because my dad has handicapped tags! Everybody picks on the handicapped drivers! Cue 1-3 minutes of ranting, teeth clenching and pounding the steering wheel.

I'll be honest, it's pretty scary when you're 14 and can't get away from it, and it's just you and him in the car.

ExurbanKevin said...

So THEY'RE the ones who pilot the invisible stealth black helicopters who follow me around all the time.

I always wondered who was in them.

theirritablearchitect said...

You had me rolling at, "There's a certain kind of high-functioning crazy that a lot of folks don't realize is walking among us."

It makes me ask just one question, who amongst us doesn't actually realize this?

Stuart the Viking said...

Invisible AND black, all at the same time... The technology they use to track you is fritening ExurbanKevin. You should be afraid, be very afraid. I'm so glad THEY haven't figured out how to make me be you yet.


NotClauswitz said...

A friend of mine complained about getting marked bills from ATM machines and that THEY were used to track people, and I asked him which ones? He said, "The red ones" - like from when the dye-packet went blooey. And I haven't seen him in a quite a while after he moved to the mountains...

Loki1776 said...

Remember, when "they" target someone, they tell everyone except the target who to watch. So, if you've never been told who the target is, it must be you. QED

DaveFla said...

t.i.a.: the ones who don't know it *are* the ones walking among (amongst?) us...

Sigivald said...

Doesn't he know the FBI doesn't "take down" websites that are threats to their plan of world psychic domination?

It modifies them.

Every single one of the links he posted is content created by the FBI, naturally...

(Equally, if the FBI did shut down one Indymedia site, er... why not just shut down all of 'em?

Are they both super-competent world-masters who covertly run everything and will Stop At Nothing To Control Us All and completely incompetent morons who can't even use Google?

See, for the most part I'll grant the latter. Just not at the same time as the former.)

Joe in PNG said...

Other than the gibbering insanity, I wonder if a lot of conspiracy theorist aren't just trying to make themselves more important than they really are?

So, instead of being just another anonymous loser, you're the target of Them.

Instead of the unpleasent crank spewing crazy that people want to avoid, you're a threat to the system who must be silenced.

So, if one's only got a tenious connection to reality at best, I can see why they would choose LARPing Mel Gibson's role in "Conspiracy Theory". Because otherwise you'd just be another nothing.

Tam said...


"Every single one of the links he posted is content created by the FBI, naturally..."

Actually, if you read his claims, he says that the Feebs are constantly modifying his web pages.

How did you know? (Unless... you're really one of them!)

Kristophr said...


If some group of people hated you that much, then why wouldn't they just pay someone to walk right up to you and empty a sawed-off 12 gauge into your chest?


Compare the costs ... Assassin vs. vast conspiracy.

An assassin is a damned sight cheaper. You get laid out like a mummy under a cannon in a park like Vince Foster, and no one can find the killer. End of story.

Or they just tell a judge you are running a crack house, get a warrant, bust in the door, shoot you repeatedly, and leave a bag of drugs on your carcass.

Spending million per year to harass an enemy just does not make sense, when you have that kind of real power.


State your true name when you post ad hominem assaults; then, people may take you more seriously and maybe even join in with your mindless attacks. Otherwise you are just an addition to the ever increasing recruits into the community of the LD.

NotClauswitz said...

Kristopher: Don't forget, they shoot you AND your innocent canine companion - so the dog won't talk.

global village idiot said...

State your true name when you post ad hominem assaults; then, people may take you more seriously and maybe even join in with your mindless attacks.

Very well. You're nuttier than squirrel crap, you misbegotten lunatic. If I want to wander around the inside of a crackpot's melon, I'll read Kafka. At least when I do this, I look more worldly at the coffeeshop than looking at gibberish on the poorly laid-out website of a window-licking paste-eater such as yourself.

Go play in traffic, you nutter.

Yours Very Sincerely,

Lee Smith
1060 W. Addison
Chicago, IL 60613

Anonymous said...

sosbee is affiliated with barbara hartwell? Now I remember these idiots from years ago when i used to frequent yahoo groups. still being idiots, I see.

Anonymous said...





Tam said...


I... I... I am in awe, actually.

I had a pebble in my hand just a second ago. Where did it go?

45er said...

OMG, how could this comment section have turned out any more awesome? I'm going to classify this one as Moonbatus bugnuticus

Joe in PNG said...

Here's something I've always wondered. If the Nation/ World was really run by the Utter Ruthless Machiavellian* Conspiracies that the nutters go on about, then why are they letting the nutters rave on? Truth is, I think that the Raving Nutters are plants BY the Eeevil Discordians, and those who REALLY know the truth are ruthlessly suppressed.

*If only governments were run by those who follow the tenants of Machiavelli- what a better world this would really be.

Cond0011 said...

Gangstalking... hmmm...

Cond0011 said...


Never heard of it. Huh... I would be sure to have picked that up on the ELF social radar.

Maybe its just starting like that whole 'flash mob' phenomenon.

What I do know is there ARE social tactics to make some one paranoid - and I have witnessed 2 such examples in the office place.


Example 1: A wants B to discredit oneself by being defensive and... paranoid. A knows B's job description very well. A states indirectly that he will get B to lose her job. B gets worried and defensive. A is critical of B's performance of certain job duties and states that to B. B Gets defensive. B is now primed for a paranoia attack.

A tells C to ask B if they need help on certain job duties (mentioned to B earlier as their weak points). C asks B to help her whereupon B gets defensive and annoyed.

A asks D to do something similiar to B as he did with C in regards to B's job. D asks B whereupon B gets defensive and annoyed.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat, with E, F & G.

B Gets Defensive with C, D, E, F, & G. B thinks that a conspiracy is forming against her with 'A' as the leader of the group, thus paranoia develops.

The reality is that C, D, E, F, & G are not privy to what A is doing, but they are royally pissed off at the defensiveness of B, thus they commiserate with each other and with A, thus an anti 'B' group is developed and a 'conspiracy' is started, when infact its a bunch of people who are unhappy with B's attitude (with the exception of A, who really is out to get B).

When B complains that everyone is against her, C, D, E, F, & G are even more turned off by her because she is paranoid and may need psychological evaluation. They mention this individually to management.

...and so it goes.

Quite clever attack by A, wouldn't you say?

Cond0011 said...

Example 2: A wants B to discredit oneself by being defensive and... paranoid. A listens in to B's cubicle conversations. A walks past B's cubicle and observes the websites that B frequents (lets say one of them is a sports forum). A's close friends' wife works in the same office as B's wife. A has the latest cheap audio recorder (the size of a cigarette lighter) and places it anonymously near B's cubicle.

A collects his data from all these sources. A goes to the Internet Sports Forum that B frequents. A logs in as various anonymous persons and makes clever insinuations about B - using very personal data from all these sources.

B starts to think he is being watched by a group of people - especially since the info is seemingly very diverse, yet personal.

B starts to talk at work about this to C, D, E, F, & G.

B sounds very paranoid from the perspectives of C, D, E, F, & G - especially when he shows them the anonymous (and oblique) personal attacks (by various psuedonums) against him at the Internet Football Forum he frequents.

C, D, E, F, & G informally mention their worries about B to management.

Cond0011 said...

In both these examples, it is the work of one person. The person named A. A is clever enough to build an 'invisible army' for B to perceive and B reacts to it, thus making him appear paranoid and having him become defensive and angry. Both examples have the appearance of 'Gangstalking', when infact its the machinations of one individual. These are also prime examples of office-place harrassment with the second example of a serious breach of law (with the probable placement of the audio recorder).

Side note: In example 2, when A gets fired for toher issues, the various anonyomous commenters at the football forum all disappear. Most interesting.

Tom in Orlando said...

Does the spaceblanket mylar work as well as the traditional tin foil? I have soooo much of that stuff left over from the millinium bug. :)

MSgt said...

Total win.

I'm linking this on my FB.

We're almost to the "tactical wheelbarrow" stage...


To:Lee Smith
1060 W. Addison
Chicago, IL 60613

Your unkind and indeed filthy mind as reflected in your bizzare & gratuitous verbal assault represents the evil and decadence of our time. geral sosbee

Tam said...

Tom in Orlando,

"Does the spaceblanket mylar work as well as the traditional tin foil?"

Make sure you double-layer it: One shiny side in to block your alpha waves from being readable by government scanners, and one shiny side out to prevent the orbital mind control lasers from influencing your thought patterns.

Randy said...

Mr Sosbee,

I read just a little of the stuff on your site, but it was enough to easily see you are not well. As only one small example, when you hear "end of messages" on your answering machine, it wasn't put there to terrorize or harass you, it is simply the way your machine works when it is at the end of your messages. Please get professional psychiatric help, you will be happier.


Just see the evidence,pls.

Excerpt:” To impugn the sanity of the target is another common tactic, with the intent that friends and family will not believe the horror stories of persecution and will instead believe the target to be mentally unbalanced or 'paranoid'. ... those of us so targeted know all too well, the persecution is not 'imagined' (as a function of abberant psychology, such as delusions) but very real; it is life-destroying and often life-threatening in one way or another.”

MSgt said...

Two camels in a tiny car!

Kristophr said...

gvi: I did that a few times on the internet.

I had to shove the business end of a Galil barrel in the face of some nutter/stalker who drove all the way from Boston to Oregon to wave a pistol at me, and hold him for the local cops to pick up.

My wife was not amused.

Brave, but dumb. My whole family has a history of schizophrenia, I am very familiar with how it works once the person surrenders to delusion to explain the voices. If he starts building delusions around you, he will end up on your doorstep with a firearm, shouting some version of "What's the frequency, Kenneth!".

Anonymous said...

Rod Serling: Alive and cranking out new programs on 9/10/11! Did I just find his latest script? Is Elvis here too? Kentucky Jones

Greg Hunt said...

To:Lee Smith
1060 W. Addison
Chicago, IL 60613

Any good fan of "The Blues Brothers" would recognize this as the address of Wrigley Field.


Kristophr said...


Very good. I withdraw my objection.

global village idiot said...

Any good CUBS fan would know it too; further, that the name Lee Smith has a completely legitemate and respectable attachment to said address - being only the best middle-reliever and closer the Cubbies ever had.

As for you, Mr. Sosbee...if you think "our time" is singularly evil and decadent, I submit for your consideration not only the letters of Seneca concerning Roman decadence, but also Harold Whetstone Johnston's The Private Lives of the Roman People, Josephus' history of the Jews, the works of Polybius, Livy, Thucydides and Herodotus, and the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament.

Precisely NOTHING new about human nature has occurred in the space of time between the rantings of the Prophet in Ecclesiastes and last night's "Coast to Coast with George Noori."

And again I say to you - go play in traffic, nutter.

p.s. If this guy sticks around long enough, that last line might turn me into the Cicero of the internet - my own version of Censeo ceterum Carthaginem delenda est.

global village idiot said...

And one more thing...

Your statement that what I said to you was bizarre and gratuitous sort of undercuts any claims you may have had of serving in the military, where such a response would be bizarre only to the degree that it was grammatically correct and free of true vulgarity. And if you were in the military, you would know perfectly well that Soldiers are de facto past masters at over-the-top insult.

ludere in plateis, stultus