Friday, February 10, 2012

Argumentum ad fabricatum: You're just making stuff up.

Did you know that for a terrorist to board an airplane, he has to show a photo ID, and to operate a motor vehicle, he has to possess a valid state-issued operator's license, but anybody... felon, bank robber, child molester, Pennsylvania assistant coach, or terrorist, can just walk down the street and board a city bus or subway without having to prove who they are?

I demand that we close the Going Wherever You Want Loophole! If we checked everyone for government issued photo ID as they walked out their front door, we could prevent sidewalks from being superhighways for criminals, but the ACLU has vowed to fight any such legislation.

That's about the level of logic on display here, wherein some de-beaked, cage-raised Manhattanite makes the discovery that the barbarians in far-off free-range America, 'way across the Hudson, are allowed to sell their personal property to each other without going through an orgy of forelock-tugging and Mother-may-I down at the cop shop.

Suck it, media boy. I know this may come as a shock to you, but hardly anybody's even listening to you anymore. Maybe the steady hemorrhage of Nielsen ratings has caused an hypoxia-inducing vacuum in the studio, but even non-president Al Gore can tell you that you're on the wrong side of history on this one; I'm sure you have him on speed dial down there at msnbc, so call him and ask him.

Oh, and putting it on the Today show? Really? Yeah, like anybody watches that for serious opinions on the issues. Kasey Kasem did more hard-hitting journalism than Matt Lauer and Ann Curry and their faithful sidekick, Al. Maybe you can sandwich your report in between Willard Scott wishing all the centenarians happy birthday from Smucker's Jam and Hoda and Kathy Lee getting drunk at ten after sunup. I know that's where I go looking for my investigative journalism.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone talking about "straw purchases"?

Shootin' Buddy

Living in Babylon said...

Is anyone tired of the "weapon powerful enough to down an aircraft" meme?

I mean, in theory you can bring down a chopper with volley fire from Mosin Nagants but I don't see them on Bloomberg's shit list.

Besides, what if I need to take down a news chopper full of turr'rists? What the fuck am I supposed to do then?

Buzz said...

Actually, the kind of people with these views DO watch The Today Show for in-depth journalism. They also believe HuffPo is factual news, not far-left opinions

Ferret said...

Why isn't anyone talking about "straw purchases"?

It's not about enforcing laws already on the books. The solution to all the world's ills is always more laws.

Lanius said...

"Even bring down a helicopter"

As if (non-armored) choppers weren't notoriously vulnerable to just rifle or SMG fire.. (come on, most helos don't have armored crew)

Noah D said...

'Police-grade' weapons. We'll be hearing more of that, now that 'assault weapon' appears to be on the decline.

CapitalistPig said...

Why isn't anyone talking about "straw purchases"?

I'm busy trying to figure out what makes a "police grade" Glock different from a regular Glock.

I'd also like to know why so many in my community voluntarily talked to that hysterical newswoman.

Ancient Woodsman said...

"Police-grade" firearms are far, far more dangerous to the user than average-Joe firearms; as a "police grade" Glock is the one that shoots you in the leg when you are the only one qualified enough to carry it.

Proven on video, nonetheless.

Tam said...

Ancient Woodsman just won the internets for today.

David said...

Oh noes! Not hollowpoint bullets! And "dangerous weapons"! (Are there any other kind?) The worst part is that now they're just going to destroy some perfectly nice guns, just to make a point...sad.

Jay G said...

Next up: Dum dum bullets - the scourge of the Illuminati!

the pawnbroker said...

That's Libarbarians, thanks.

And that's some hard-hitting cutting-edge journalism right there...or at least it was in '79 when the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach sent a Serious Undercover Operative into a gun show.

Let us hope that another thirty years down the road, this new-and-improved version will have had the same effect as that one. :)

Anonymous said...

That twit probably thinks a straw purchaser is someone who works for Old McDonald or the Little Red Hen.


jimbob86 said...

"'Police-grade' weapons. We'll be hearing more of that, now that 'assault weapon' appears to be on the decline."

Nope, they used "assault weapon" in the story ......

(showing pic of an SKS in a Tapco stock with a fixed 30 round magazine) ".... and EVEN THIS ILLEGAL ASSAULT WEAPON SPECIALLY MODIFIED TO USE THE SAME BULLETS AS THE AK-47!1!!!!!111!!"

oH nOES!!!!!


If they are going to lie, they could at least do it convincingly, and use a WASR ......

wv- "turse" ? ..... a crappy murse? Loaded Diaper bag? What?

Anonymous said...

In the "print" version of the story, the writer openly admits to committing multiple felonies; i.e. purchase of assault RIFLES without ATF approval or transfer tax.

rickn8or said...

"I'm busy trying to figure out what makes a "police grade" Glock different from a regular Glock."

Because a "police grade" Glock comes with those turrible armor-piercing hollowpoint bullets.

At least they didn't say "assault clips."

Mikael said...

I dunno about the today's show, but the daily show with jon stewart is frequently more on the ball and doing a better job at calling politicians on their bullshit than the news shows are.

It may be left leaning, but doesn't pull any punches on Obama. (Besides, it's funny. I like satire).

Anonymous said...

I always wondered where boneless chicken came from...


Anonymous said...

Guns sold on the internet? I wonder how many of their 'wee-itty-bitty' heads would explode if I told them that I bought my last gun over the internet, and had it mailed! (okay, UPS delivered it to my door), without even seeing the guy I bought it from from face-to-face.

Would it be cruel to not mention that little C&R license I have, first?

global village idiot said...

I once knew a kid in grade school who had a morbid fascination with watching his own turds circling the bowl on their way to the Great Effluent Tank in the Sky. He'd sit there and watch his "creations" go round and round, and you couldn't pull him away from this scene for love nor money.

Y'all reading the prattlings of the Eloi strike me as having something in common with that kid.

And while I still have the floor, it's "Allegedly Illicit Black-market Armor-piercing hollow-point COP KILLER bullets."

Get it right, people.


wv: ratior - one who divides, e.g.: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Former President Obama, Ratior Maximus!"

Lanius said...

Has anyone ever managed to make an armor-piercing hollowpoint bullet?

That'd be quite a seller..combining excellent penetration with expansion.

Hmm...what about AP bullets with tiny bursting charges inside, like miniature tank shells?

If criminals ever take to wearing body armor, that'll be needed...that or TT ammo.

Kristopher said...

Lanius: That would be the 88 Magnum. It shoots through schools.

Kristopher said...

Great bit of journalism there.

A New Yorker hires a local PI to make a legal purchase, documents this dastardly application of basic human rights, and then publicly shits his pants in hysterics.

Windy Wilson said...

Living in Babylon, about that "'weapon powerful enough to down an aircraft' meme", I'm surprised Bloomberg et al aren't citing a documentary film from the early 60's about British secret service agents in Eastern Europe that showed it was easy to shoot a helicopter down with a .22 cal rifle stored in a briefcase. Featured Sean Connery as the principal agent, IIRC.

It's really hard to compete with the likes of Ancient Woodsman, let me tell you!

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone ever managed to make an armor-piercing hollowpoint bullet?"

M8 and M20 .50BMG?

Cybrludite said...

Lanius, there's a Flemish company that makes a brass bullet designed to snap in half after penetrating a vest.

Windy Wilson said...

Oh, and "argumentum fabricatum".
A logical fallacy Aristotle himself was too decent a man to have though of himself!
And I thought I was cute with "argumentum ad nauseum".

Best quality free ice cream on the net.

wv is "cringian", which seems somehow appropiate; a natural reaction when we hear leftists speak.