Saturday, February 11, 2012

A fungus among us!

While at the grocery store yesterday, hunting and gathering for ingredients for the weekend's chow, I browsed the produce section for things that Bobbi might throw into one of her breakfast skillets. Some green onions, a couple red chili peppers, a poblano...

What we needed were some mushrooms. But what kind? I was kinda burned out on white mushrooms. I noticed something called a "royal trumpet mushroom". It looked like the attack of the 50' oyster mushroom. The packaging claimed it had a "wonderfully nutty flavor" and was "great in stir fries". Okay, we'll give it a whirl.

It turned out to be an inspired choice. Two thumbs up.

EDIT: Huh. Everything's available on Amazon, although what you'd do with three pounds of them, I don't know. The one we got was a little over three inches long and probably an inch-and-a-half in diameter and weighed four ounces. It was sufficient, when chopped, to perform a major role in enough breakfast scramble for two moderately hungry grown-up-sized bowls.


Joel said...

Question, in which Joel once again demonstrates his complete lack of cool and culture:

What's a "poblano?"

Eck! said...

Poblano a slightly warm green pepper. They are a mild pepper.

The ones I get here are less hot than Jalapeno but have a gentle warmth that just makes somethings perfect. And you cannot make Mole
sauce without them.

I grow them along with, Sweet bell, Jalapeno and for seasoning Habinaro (hoTTTT!) You need all of them for a popper Gazpatcho besides fresh cucumber and tomatoes and herbs.


Tam said...


They're what you dry to make chile ancho.

Fresh, they're somewhere between a hot Anaheim and a mild jalapeno.

Joel said...


Roberta X said...

I would argue that the taste of a poblano is very delicate; they barely tolerate cooking and I always add them dead last of all the non-egg ingredients to Bobbi;s Breakfast Whatever

nbc said...

So, to follow Joel, mole sauce?

Doesn't the fur gum up our blender?

Phil K said...

Dehydrate then freeze in an airproof bag - they will keep forever and be good for most of it.

Thomas said...

see those all the time in the Chinatown markets in the city. Haven't tried them yet. I like tree ears, shiitake (fresh or dried, Enokitake, buna shimeji, bunape shimeji, and saw that indeed, the 'shroom you saw is alternately called a king oyster. I've tried all the other more common types, in short if they're edible, I'll eat 'em.