Sunday, February 19, 2012

Overheard in the Kitchen:

Me: "5HTORA."

RX: "What?"

Me: "That's what it says on the fridge."

RX: "Ah. Some sort of pseudo-Russian."

*Pause as both of us are puttering around the kitchen.*

RX: "You know what we need? Cyrillic alphabet refrigerator magnets."

Me: "I was just thinking that."

Alas, they are out of stock.

EDITED TO ADD: Wow, alphabet fridge magnets must be a Yank thing; the Cyrillic and Greek ones are surprisingly scarce on the intertubes.

On the other hand: BONUS! That's pretty clever right there. Also, it's neat to get this far down an esoteric train of thought on the internet and find somebody else's footprints.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, Amazon, where you can get everything but an actual Amazon.


Anonymous said...

How about this?

Ruzhyo said...

They have a Russian version of Scrabble, but the Cyrillic alphabet really doesn't lend itself to the game mechanics. It is really hard to build a word of any substance on someone else's letters. A search for Russian or Cyrillic scrabble tiles doesnt turn up much either. The one my prof would bring to my college Russian class must have been a rare example from the motherland.

dave said...

I'll bite. I know nothing about the Russian language, but I'd like to know why the Cyrillic alphabet wouldn't work for Scrabble.

Anonymous said...

The reason they're so scarce is because as soon as you put in a backwards-R, the lawyers from toys-r-us come and sue you.



Ruzhyo said...

Dave- It may have been the game itself. There are 33 characters in the Cyrillic alphabet, and in the Russian scrabble set this oddly plays out in the vastly unequal ratio of consonants to vowel tiles. Additionally, the Cyrillic alphabet has some accent/modifier characters that cannot be skipped in many words, but don't mesh seamlessly into others the way you can do in English scrabble.
Tl;dr - Weird different alphabet is weird and different.

Borepatch said...

It's a fridge CAPTCHA. Helpful if you're trying to lose weight, or something.

WV: "Bloggers new CAPTCHA system blows chunks". Odd, that.

Jerry said...

Well, 'duh. Mericun's is Muricun's, Russkie's is Russkie's, Brit's is Brit's, etc, etc. Germans are still German, too. I cannot change a FACT. I cannot change an opinion, either. I can, however, float you a pic. Just tell me how.

Scott said...

Not a fan of the venn.
Lumps the latin H, P, B, and Y with the cyrillic, where those characters represent phonetically (in english) N, R, V, and You. X and E problematic too.
I'll go away now.