Friday, February 24, 2012

Hoosier landlady?

The court found the Indiana Secretary of State guilty of using his ex-wife's address instead of his current fiancée's in a deliberately and feloniously bogus fashion, and sentenced him to go stand in the corner, which will sure discourage this kind of chicanery in the future, let me tell you!

Meanwhile, Dick Lugar (R-D.C.), is still okey-dokey because he slept in a Holiday Inn Express in Indiana sometime in the last forty years. Compared to Lugar, George Bush Sr. is an authentic Texan and the notoriously peripatetic Al Gore's toes are rooted deep in the soil of Rocky Top.


Joseph said...

He hasn't held residence in the state of Indiana since 1977 and it takes a Tea Party primary challenge to make an issue of this? How lame is the Democratic party? Of course they won't make a big deal of it because of a certain level of professional courtesy. For if they make an issue of it, then they'd be under that same scrutiny. Same goes for all these Ethics panels. You want Ethics in congress? Have a panel made up of randomly chosen voters and not have the thieves police themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Have a panel made up of randomly chosen voters and not have the thieves police themselves."


Anonymous said...

If Evan Bayh, The Virginian, was allowed to be a senator from Indiana, I don't think the Democrats will make a stink of it.

Shootin' Buddy

Josh K. said...

Quite putting the words honest and congress in the same sentance my sides are hurting here,.... please just stop.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh, I'm sure that if they wanted to get these guys for Tax Evasion, the IRS could come down on them. You see, there's a little known Deduction for those who are Legally required to live away from their Permanent Home of Record on Official Gooberment Business and maintain a Second Home. This is where the Congress Critters get away with their Million Dollar George Town Mansions.

Those of us in the Navy who served aboard FBM Submarines with its Blue and Gold Crews and were Married used this Deduction. You see, our home was the Submarine itself, but when the other crew had it, you had to live somewhere. And if there wasn't enough Base Housing for the Family available, then you got a place in Town, and you could Deduct the expense. Congress gave them this Deduction, but anyone can use it.

Of course, since there's that Clause in the Constitution that make them safe from Prosecution while Congress is in Session, the IRS is a little Hamstrung.

But this doesn't explain how People like Dodd, Kerry and Justice Breyer can live overseas, but that's another story. Hope this helps.