Thursday, February 02, 2012

You might be a gun nerd if... call out the brands of holsters on-screen.

There's a reason Galco calls that one model the "Miami Classic", and it still sells today. That's the power of product placement, baby.


Weer'd Beard said...

Tho technically that's a "Jackass Leather" holster become the Galco Jackass rig...then the Miami Classic, then the Miami Classic II which I'm wearing right now.

Love it! (and no I'm wearing a sweatshirt over it, not a pastel suit with the sleeves rolled up. And I drove a beat-up Ranger to work today, not a Corvette with a fiberglass body kit)

Ken O said...

Yeah, for some reason I want a Bren Ten and a Galco shoulder rig- I confess to owning pastel cotton jackets in the day.

Stephen said...

Here I thought I was one of the only nerds out there.

Boat Guy said...

Less than impressed with the Galco leather rigs I've purchased. The workmanship and weight of leather just weren't there - kinda like Bianchi now.
I'll stick with Milt Sparks - and Frontier Gunleather to replace the old Bianchis when they eventually wear out. Still the old Bianchis have given me far longer and better service than the Galcos ever did.
I'll also stick with Pocket Concealment Systems for "fancy" leather to be worn with suits (with which shirts aren't the color of umbrella drinks)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can get a rig like Steve McQueen's in Bullit? Any down-side to that sort of carry, or why don't you see them anymore?

Anonymous said...

I have one of the Bullitt holsters, fits my k frame. The drawback is you end up with a pistol pointing at your brachial artery and nerve cluster, so if you have an ND, you'll either bleed out, or be left with an arm as limp as linguini.

It looks cool, though, even with a turtleneck. And I hate turtlenecks.

St Paul

Frank W. James said...

The problem with the Steve McQueen rig is that Bianchi rig ONLY works well with lightweight ROUND gunsand then ONLY when NEW!

I know I've had one for years and due to the 'surgical elastic' aging and losing strength, you stand a good probability when you jump down off something of looking at the muzzle of your gun as it leaves the holster and heads toward the ground.

Whereupon you wonder for the briefest of moments, "Geez, did I leave the internal SAFETY 'IN' when I had that last trigger job done?..."

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Skip said...

The shoulder rig Farmer Frank pointed me to, A.E. Nelson, is better than sliced bread. Vertical,[no print], clamshell,[quick draw], retention strap, belt strap,[if ya gotta jump offa building], and with two mag holders on the opposite side balances well.
Gots Galco, Bianchi, Sparks, etc. all in the box[s].
Dragon and Nelson are on 16 hrs a day.

Tim Ellwood said...

If you want a "upside down" rig, check out the SMZ or the city slicker by Ken Null. No elastic, very minimal and they work. I have one for both my 332 and my ASP and love them. I don't think I would ever carry a SA auto or a Glock this way, but both of the Smith's are DA so I have never had a issue.

Will said...

The later Bianchi upside down rig, #9R, uses spring wire to hold the clamshell closed instead of elastic, so they don't drop the gun.

You definitely signal you have unholstered with a "clop!" as the spring closes the holster when the gun leaves. You can sneak it out, but you have to work at it.

Don't know if they are still producing it. I've picked up several in gunshow holster boxes over the years.

Will said...

Weer'd Beard:

Here's Galco's data on Don's rig:

wv: weadnet

Weer'd Beard said...

Will yeah that's what I was paraphrasing.

I don't carry on the belt often, and overall I prefer Bianchi Designs for belt holster, and don't use any of them because I have a bunch of holsters from Dragon Leatherworks.

But I can't imagine a more comfortable and concealable shoulder rig for my commander than this Miami Classic II I'm wearing today.

tanksoldier said...

I carried my P226 in a Miami Classic for two years, before I switched to mostly IWB. Handled the fairly large gun well.