Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I just spent 3.5 hours under the drill. The whole upper right quadrant of my mouf; a little over five bills worth. This is going to suck when all the local wears off. I think I'll go and have a lie-down.


DirtCrashr said...

After they fixed the "plunging bicuspid" my old geezer-man tic stopped. It's no longer wedging food-crud into the gap, and it's easier to floss (whenever) and I don't constantly worry it with my tongue.
I hope yours is as successful cause chicks with missing teeth are...well...what's "girl" for Cleetus?

Tam said...


Keads said...

Feel better soon Tam. I will be getting some "quality time" myself in the chair soon.

Lanius said...

What about getting all the teeth out and getting a nice false set?

I mean, you're getting to the age where it's not unusual, and I heard there's some new technique where you get like titanium hardpoints sank into your skull and jaw so your artificial chewers can be nicely and tightly secured..

Shermlock Shomes said...


DirtCrashr said...

Thank heavens we're safe! Wife has aunts and cousins name Jesselee, Williebell, and Top - and a guy-cousin named Dorris who used to drag-race a hot-rod Corvair.

Titanium hard-points don't work if the concrete is mushy.

Tango Juliet said...

I do not envy you.

Duke said...

This is why they make drugs, better living through chemistry.

Pakkinpoppa said...

Hm, my 2 year old has those stackable hollow plastic donut things that usually are sold with a freestanding post, when teething he'd use those as, what I'd call, "chewies". While between the "teething" stage, he still asks for ones I keep in the Kelvinator. Calls them "cold wheels".

Though once one is past a certain age and in pain, perhaps dipping them in 80 proof (something) would ease the pain up a bit?

Secret Code: dingn. What the alarm clock says.

rickn8or said...

"...what's "girl" for Cleetus?


And this is why we love you Tam.

Eric said...

+1 rickn8or!

FxR said...

Feel better!

A visit to the dentist is on my "to do" list as soon as I get finished dealing with my newly shattered nasal bones.

Anonymous said...

Fell better, soon! "Five Bills Worth" ...Looks like you got hit from the front ... & the behind.
Ulises from CA

roland said...

I'm fairly certain Lurleen works at the Curl Up and Dye beauty parlor over off route twenty.

Tam said...


I'll be sure to give the multiple doctors on the case the advice from the unemployed Slav trust fund baby. I'm sure they'll change their opinion in the withering glare of your genius...

Brigid said...

I have brandy chocolate truffles, hydrocodone, dies for the Mauser and the phone numbers of a couple former Seals that I tend to, even if I don't have to beat them on the head with a club too often.

We'd all be happy to ditch work at a decent time and administer gunpowder, lead and chocolate as needed,

Brigid said...

BTW - Barkley wants to know when Lanius will be the new official VFRTP chew toy, what with the geriatric chompers and all.

Borepatch said...

I have more fun buying tires than dentistry. Hope you feel better soon.

Lanius said...

Doctors.. they can't think outside of the box :D

Also, I'm not 'unemployed'. Never collected any welfare, never will. (even though I could. People keep shaking their heads and sighing when I tell them I don't want to)
I prefer to think of myself as semi-self-employed.

Trust fund baby is unwarranted though. That's like calling you a an ugly, bleached middle-aged Randroid with plastic bosom. Not accurate at all and not very nice.

Lanius said...

(well.. to make it obvious for the not-so-good-at-that-reading thing ones reading this blog)
Accurate description would be middle-aged, okay looking gun nut/writer with droid/wookie tendencies, possibly invert with a nicotine addiction and too many cats.

I guess.

Hat Trick said...

I hope you're feeling better this evening.

Tam said...

"Trust fund baby" stung, huh?

Reckon the truth hurts...

Anonymous said...

No. But I'm an offensive person, I am not willing to take insults without offering anything in return.

I'm not a 'turn the other cheek person' at all. I'm more of a nurse-grudges-for-years-and-strike-when-the-other-party-has-forgotten-about-the-issue completely kind of guy.

If you continue with the insults, you may expect to end up with some nice, well-aged, runny roadkill in your mailbox. I'll let it marinate with sour milk and hydrogen sulphide for a couple of days to improve the bouquet. At an indeterminate point in your future.
Or maybe not. The script sometimes makes me forgive.
Perhaps a cat. That'd be appropriate.

A year from now, a decade from now, I don't know. The grudge-script that reminds me of when to get back at someone after a random interval has passed.
Google has some nice methods for it's calendar ;-)

Noah D said...

While it might not be the best time to ask, what's your take on the overall quality of work done so far? I've used it for anything more than a basic filling, and been rather pleased.

(Question asked, I'm off to brush, floss & rinse...)

Lanius said...

Sweet baby cthulhu Tam.
Sorry. Too much caffeine and a couple of shots of booze does that to me.

Stimulants and some disinhibitors really set me off. I shudder to think what would happen to the internets if I somehow got my hands on some honest-to-god panzerschokolade**..

I'd probably get banned from the five boards that haven't banned me yet..

So, that said, if you'll continue with your unwarranted insults.. I'll have no choice b-but to mmm-mock you.

I fart in your general dd-direction, y-you kkk-k-klueless objectivist p-pigdog!

**fortunately for other internet denizens, I doubt there is one package untouched anywhere.

Roberta X said...

Lanius, that is MY mailbox you have threatened to defile -- and I am way less nice than Tam.

What do the eurocops ln your Slovak paradise do with fools who make terroristic threats via the 'net? Can't be very fun, I'd think.

Lanius said...

What do the eurocops ln your Slovak paradise do with fools who make terroristic threats via the 'net? Can't be very fun, I'd think.

Cops don't have internet(no, like really, Czech anti-software piracy unit has a dial-up connection on two computers), nor are they euro. Not kidding.

And defiling a mailbox isn't 'terroristic threat' in their book, just boys' having some fun.. ;-)

Lanius, that is MY mailbox you have threatened to defile -- and I am way less nice than Tam.

On a bad day, my niceness quotient is halfway between Heydrich and you while you're on your period. I'm also younger, smarter, more athletic and probably better at CQB tactics.. so, you better not be picking a fight with me.

Anyway, as I said, I take the words back. I was high on tea and slightly inebriated..

Also I am offering an apology to you two objectivist blonde bimbos (for calling Tam a bleached randroid).. two o-bimbos who are way-past their expiration dates.
Sorry fish.

Take it or leave it, not gonna offer one after that, mmkay?

Lanius said...

I'm hoping you're not going to tell the Heimatssicherheitsabteilung how I threatened to muck up your mailbox.

The mental image of two heavily armed ruggedly individualist ladies reporting a teenage European to the gubmint they profess to detest is just too ridiculous to contemplate.

Rest assured that If I'm ever detained at a US airport and pulled over for questioning over alleged terroristic threats, I'll be pointing my fingers at you.

Hopefully, I won't have to travel to the US ever, or at least before it and the DHS dissolves..

Tam said...


You have now exhausted my patience.

Seek life elsewhere.

Lanius said...

Heh... she gave up! She fucking gave up.

YAY! I finally beat Tam! She has no more snark to offer. She's run out!

(Wanders off to play Death Simulator 2: Corpses of Stalingrad..)

(about seeking life.. I have a life, as in long term projects and a lady..)

Tam said...

Young Master Trebjal,

You are obviously denser than the core of a dwarf star.

In nearly seven years of running this blog, there have only been two people (other than Shanghai spambots) who have been barred from commenting:

One was a psychotic tinfoil beanie wearer whose non-participation was enforced by locking a comment thread and deleting their subsequent posts.

The other was a Nazi in Atlanta who was asked to leave and did so, earning my grudging respect.

Here now you are being offered a choice of role models: The sad-sack crazy motherfucker whose further contributions I have to delete along with all the other toilsome offerings from southeast Asian spamshop employees, or the darkly sinister Peach State intellectual. Either way, your mouth noises will not see the light of day in my comments section for more than a couple of hours.

Choose wisely.

roland said...

Crrraaazy Ivan!

Noah D said...

Well, he did say he was an offensive person.

Truer words were never spoken.

Anonymous said...

On the internets, you cannot really bar anyone from commenting. If they are detemined enough.

Open proxies, onion routing, VPN exits, there are numerous ways a ban can be circumvented.

It is possible to disable comments from all open proxies and onion routers and anonymous folks, but it takes a lot of effort.

Michelle Malkin has something like that on her blog.

Gewehr98 said...

Good Gawd, Tam, you should be nearly done with all the milling and drilling by now, right?

That's got to be absolute hell on earth.

Box of Wisconsin-vinted pain relief getting put together for Roseholme Cottage. Both occupants there appear ready for something in the 12-14% ABV range, IMHO.